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{) Kinds Of Adjectives (}

* Choose the appropriate kind of adjective in each sentence.

1. Neither of these girls is my sister.
A. Distributive adjective
B. Demonstrative adjective
C. Possessive adjective

2. They haven't got any brothers at all.
A. Possessive adjective
B. Adjective of quality
C. Quantitative adjective

3. Do you like either of these shirts?.
A. Interrogative adjective
B. Distributive adjective
C. Adjective of quality

4. He is very weak for the task, Isn't he?.
A. Distributive adjective
B. Quantitative adjective
C. Adjective of quality.

5. I met your brother in the bus station yesterday.
A. Possesive adjective
B. Demonstrative adjective
C. Distributive adjective

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