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This page is meant for those who want to see what my ZX81 projects look like, which could be quite useful to illustrate how I have done certain things in my prototypes, for example how I implemented the numerous wire jumpers, connectors and DIP resistor networks. I can imagine that these things can not be so easily understood just from my descriptions. Besides, it's always nice to look at some photos to get a better feeling for what I'm talking about on my website. :-)

The photos are represented by thumbnail images for easier loading, so you can click on the images to enlarge them. After you have seen the image, you can press the browser's BACK button, or press [Leftshift-Arrowleft] on your keyboard to return to the thumbnails. Another method for easy viewing is to use the right mousebutton on the images and to select to open the link in a new window, which you can close after viewing, or leave open and switch back  to this page.

Euro-ZX81 Pictures
Euro-ZX81 CPU Board V2 Component Side
Euro-ZX81 CPU Board V2 Solder Side

Euro-ZX81 Video Board V3 Component Side
Euro-ZX81 Video Board V3 Solder Side

Euro-ZX81 Boards Assembled Side View
Male-Male precision Connector strip
On this picture it is (hopefully) clearly visible what I mean by a solid assembly in which the connections are reliable because both PCBs are fastened into a solid assembly. On the right is a picture of the male-male precision connector strip.

Expansion Devices Pictures
ZX Euro Buffer/Poke Board Component Side
ZX Euro Buffer/Poke Board Solder Side
I designed this ZX Euro Buffer/Poke PCB from the original ZX-Team schematics and some email assistance from Kai Fischer(ZX-Team).
I already had a ZX-Team original Poke Board, but needed a Signal buffer as well, so decided to integrate both functions in this PCB to save space in the 19" rack. The flatcable connector connects it to the Euro-ZX81 and the VG64 connector plugs directly into the backplane PCB.
ZX AT Keyboard Interface
ZX Harddisk Controller
These two pictures are both of ZX-Team original PCBs that I use in my 19" assembly. The Harddisk Controller was built by Kai Fischer since the specific configuration with the harddisk was a bit tricky. The parameters are programmed into the EPROM which also contains the MEFISDOS custom DOS developed by the German ZX-Team's Kai Fischer and Joachim Merkl. I built the AT keyboard controller myself with the EPROMs, RAM and 8049 microcontroller that I got from Kai Fischer together with the PCBs.
ZX Floppy Disk Controller Component Side
ZX Floppy Disk Controller Solder Side
This is the original ZX-Team Floppy Disk Controller, a PCB design by G.Schultz dated 1990 according to the PCB's writing. I built this PCB first to see how the Floppy interface operates. It was a bit tricky to get this to work, as I found out it was related to the IC types I used for the signal buffers on the Buffer/Poke Board. After some experimenting with IC replacements on both the Buffer/Poke PCB and the Floppy Controller PCB I got the entire system to work with a very high reliability and perfect consistancy of stored and reloaded data. The wires that are soldered onto the board are necessary because this original design is of a period before the 19" assembly was used by the German ZX-team. With only these few changes it can now simply be inserted into the 19" rack.
ZX Floppy Disk Controller Component Side
ZX Floppy Disk Controller Solder Side
This board is my own PCB design made from the original schematics of the ZX-Team Floppy Disk Controller. Basically I did this design because I didn't like the loose wires that were necessary to be added to the original Floppy Controller. (even though I still needed to solder in a short wire on my own design prototype since this connection was not in the original schematic. I also added a capacitor to stabilize the Floppycontroller IC. These two small additions are now implemented in my latest PCB design files.) An additional advantage of this board is the fact that it's a single sided PCB design which is easier to build at home. 

19" Assembly Pictures
Front side photo of 19" Assembly
Top side photo of 19" Assembly
From left to right (in left photo) - Euro-ZX81, Buffer Poke Board, Floppy Disk Controller, AT keyboard Controller, Harddisk Controller.
Close up 1 of Euro-ZX81 and Buffer/Poke Board
Close-up 2 of Euro-ZX81 and Buffer/Poke Board
Here you can see the flatcable connection between the Euro-ZX81 and the Buffer/Poke VBoard.
Close Up of jumpers made from precision connector pins
For some tips for making these, see the FAQ.

Some Further ZX81 Reading
To read more about the technical details of the Euro-ZX81, proceed to the Euro-ZX81 Page.(See Horizontal Navigation bars)

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