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Eden Township Board of Trustees                                                       May 7, 2000

c/o Mrs. Barbara Pickard, Clerk

1433 295th Street

Rhodes, IA 50234-9702

Tel: 515 / 482-3158


Dear Sirs;


     I am concerned about the Price (or Culver/Price) Cemetery which is located  in  Eden Township Section 4, Township 82, North range 20. 1-1/2 miles north of Rhodes.  Coordinates:  N41 56-933 W93 11.063


     According to the Rhodes History Book the land was purchased by F.A. and Mary Woolston on May 17, 1876.   Many of Rhodes' earliest settlers are buried in that cemetery and it should be worthy of protection and restoration.


     I have posted a photo of the present condition of the cemetery at:  and will print and enclose the picture with this letter.


     I believe that tax money has been made available for the purpose of preserving inactive and neglected cemeteries.  Can you tell me of any plans for the Culver/Price Cemetery?


     It appears that the neighboring farm has encroached upon a great deal of the cemetery property.    Would it be possible to have the original boundaries ascertained and the property fenced off to keep the farm from

desecrating the burial ground until the place can be restored?

Yours truly,

Gerald L. Hale