The Golden Dawn Lectures 



For the first time on the Internet history today August 23, 2001 a webpage publishing all of the Golden Dawn Lectures including Outer and Inner Order papers, The Flyng Rolls, The Rituals from A to Z3 in it most complete form presented ever, the Initiations from Neophyte to Adeptus Exemptus cortesy of Frater Alastor

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Neophyte Initiation Ritual

First Knowledge Lecture

Lecture on the Pillars

Zelator Initiation Ritual

Second Knowledge Lecture

Theoricus Initiation Ritual

Third Knowledge Lecture

Practicus Initiation Ritual

Fourth Knowledge Lecture

Lecture on the Purification of the Soul

Lecture “Garden of Eden Before the Fall”

Lecture “Garden of Eden After the Fall”

Lecture “Notes on the Tarot”

Lecture on Geomancy

Lecture Poligons and Poligrams

Philosophus Initiation Ritual

Fifth Knowledge Lecture

Lecture on Qliphoth

Lecture on the Tattvas

Lecture on the Shemamphorah




Rosae Rubae et Aurae Crucis Initiations

Portal Initiation Ritual

            Addresses by Members of the Second Order

Adeptus Minor Initiation Ritual

Lecture on Shemamphorah, 2nd Part.

Flying Rolls


Adeptus Mayor Initiation Ritual

The Phoenix Wand and Consecration Ritual by Soror Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum

Adeptus Exemptus Initiation Ritual

Ceremony for the Consecration of a Temple

Ceremony for the Installation of Officers


Other Material:

Phoenix Wand Consecration (Lotus Wand Formula) by Frater Alastor 

Equinox Ceremony 

Fonts of the Magi Designed by Alastor.

Table Of The Titles Of The Grades

The Golden Dawn Rollcall

Evocation of the 91 Ministers of the Aether

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This website was made public on august 23, 2001.

 This note is to clarify that the Flying Rolls and The Rituals from A to Z3 were published for the first time here by me Frater Alastor, Clones are allowed but a note have to be added mentioning Frater Alastor as the author of the html version.




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