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The Names and Alchemical Symbols of the Three Principles of Nature are:



SALT (graphic pending; symbol is a circle with horizontal diameter)

The metals attributed to the Planets in Alchemy are:




t.....................................Copper or Brass


s.....................................Quicksilver (Mercury)


The following terms are used in books about Alchemy. They have the meanings gievn below.

Sol Philosophorum--The Pure Living Alchemical Spirit of Gold--the refined essence of heat and fire

Luna Philosophorum--The Pure Living Alchemical Spirit of Silver--the refined essence of heat and moisture

The Green Lion--The Stem and Root of the Radical Essence of Metals

The Black Dragon--Death--Putrefaction--Decay

The King-- Red--The Qabalistic Microprosopus---- Tiphareth-- analagous to Gold and the Sun

The Queen--White--The Qabalistic Bride of Microprosopus-----Malkah--analagous to Silver and the Moon

The Four Orders of the Elements are:

1. The Spirits of the Earth: GnomesI

2. The Spirits of the Air: Sylphs

3. The Spirits of the Water: Undines

4. The Spirits of the Fire: Salamanders

These are the Essential Spiritual Beings called upon to praise God in the 'Benedicite Omnia Opera'.

The Kerubim are the Living Powers of Tetragrammaton on the Material Plane and the Presidents of the Four Elements. They operate through the Fixed or Kerubic Signs of the Zodiac and are thus symbolized and attributed:

Kerub of Air----------Man--------Aquarius

Kerub of Fire---------Lion---------Leo

Kerub of Earth--------Bull----------Taurus

Kerub of Water-------Eagle---------Scorpio

Tetragrammaton means 'Four-Lettered Name' and refers to the Unpronounceable Name of God symbolized by 'Jehovah'.

The Laver of Water of Purification refers to the waters of Binah, the Female Power reflected in the Waters of Creation.

The Altar of Burnt Offering for the sacrifice of animals symbolizes the Qlippoth, or Evil Demons of the plane coniguous to and below the Material Universe. It points out that our passions should be sacrificed.

The Qlippoth are the Evil Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead.

The Altar of Incense in the Tabernacle was overlaid with gold. Ours is Black to symbolize our work which is to seperate the philosophic Gold from the Black Dragon of Matter.

This altar diagram shows the Ten Sephiroth with all the connecting Paths numbered and lettered, and the Serpent winding over each Path. Around each Sephira are written the names of the Deity, Archangel and Angelic Host attributed to it. The Twenty-Two Paths are bound together by the Serpent of Wisdom. It unites the Paths but does not touch any of the Sephiroth, which are linked by the Flaming Sword.

The Flaming Sword is formed by the Natural Order of the Tree of Life. It resembles a Flash of Lightning.

Together the Sephiroth and the Twenty-Two Paths form the 32 Paths of the Sefer Yetzirah, or Book of Formation.

The Two Pillars on either side of the Altar represent:

Active: The White Pillar on the South Side. Male. Adam. Pillar of Light and Fire. Right Kerub. Metatron.

Passive: The Black Pillar on the North Side. Female. Eve. Pillar of Cloud. Left Kerub. Sandalphon.


LET THE ZELATOR meditate on a straight line. Let him take a ruler or pencil and by moving it a distance equal to its length, outline a square.

Having done this, let him, after quieting his mind with the rhythmic breathing taught in the first meditation, mentally formulate a cube, and endeavour to discover the significance of this figure and its correspondences.

Let him meditate upon minerals and crystals, choosing especially a crystal of SALT, and entering into it, actually feel himself of crystalline formation.

Looking out on the Universe from this standpoint, let him identify himself with the EARTH SPIRITS in love and sympathy, recalling as far as he can their prayer as said in the closing of the Zelator Grade.

Let him meditate upon the EARTH TRIPLICITY, visualizing the symbols of a BULL--a VIRGIN--a GOAT which stand for KERUBIC EARTH--MUTABLE EARTH--CARDINAL EARTH.

For the above ideas consult a simple astrology manual. Make notes of the ideas and pictures which arise in your mind.

The Four Worlds of the Qabalah are:

ATZILUTH, Archetypal--Pure Diety twlyxa

BRIAH, Creative--Archangelic hayrb

YETZIRAH, Formative--Angelic hryxy

ASSIAH, Action--Matter, Man, Shells, Demons hycu

The Ten Houses, or Heavens, of Assiah, the Material World, are:

1. Primum Mobile, Rashith ha Gilgalim \ylglgh tycar

2. Sphere of the Zodiac, Mazloth twlzm

3. Sphere of Saturn, Shabbathai yatbc

4. Sphere of Jupiter, Tzedek 'qdx

5. Sphere of Mars, Madim \ydm

6. Sphere of the Sun, Shemesh cmc

7. Sphere of Venus, Nogah hgwn

8. Sphere of Mercury, Kokab bkwk

9. Sphere of the Moon, Levannah hnbl

10. Spehere of the Elements, Olam Yesodoth twdwsy \lwu


Kether's divine name is Eheieh (hyha), its archangel is Metatron (}wrffm), its Choir of Angels is the Chayoth ha-Qedesh (cdqh twyj) or 'Holy Living Creatures'.

Chokmah's divine name is Yah (hy), its archangel is Raziel (layzr), its Choir of Angels is the Auphanim (\ynpwa), or 'Wheels'.

Binah's divine name is YHVH Elohim (\yhla hwhy), its archangel is Tzaphkiel (layqpx), its Choir of Angels is the Aralim (\ylara), or 'Thrones'.

Chesed's divine name is El (la), its Archangel is Tzadkiel (layqdx), its Choir of Angels is the Chashmalim (\ylmcj), or 'Lucid ones'.

Geburah's divine name is Elohim Gibor (rwbg \yhla), its archangel is Kamael (lamk), its choir of Angels is the Seraphim,(\yprc) or 'Firey Ones'.

Tiphareth's divine name is YHVH Eloah VeDaath (tudw hwla hwhy), its Archangel is Raphael (lapr), and its Choir of Angels is the Melekim (\yklm), or 'Kings'.

Netzach's divine name is YHVH Tzabaoth (twabx hwhy), its Archangel is Haniel (laynah), its Choir of Angels is the Elohim (\yhla), or 'God/desses'.

Hod's divine name is Elohim Tzabaoth (twabx \ihla), its Archangel is Michael (lakym), its Choir of Angels is the Beni Elohim (\yhla ynb), or 'Sons of God/desses'.

Yesod's divine name is Shaddai El Chai (yjla ydc), its Archangel is Gabriel (layrbg), and its Choir of Angels is the Kerubim (\ybwrk), or 'Strong Ones'.

Malkuth's divine name is Adonai ha-Aretz ({rah ynda), its Archangel is Sandalphon (}wpldns)and its Choir of Angels is the Ashim (\yca), or 'Virile Ones'.


In Hebrew, Saturn is called 'Shabbathai'. It's Angel is Cassiel, its Intelligence, or beneficial spirit, is Agiel (layga), and its spirit (darker aspect) is Zazel (lzaz)

Jupiter is called Tzedek. It's angel is Sachiel, its Intelligence is Iophiel (layphy), and its spirit is Hismael (lamsh).

Mars is called Madim. Its angel is Zamael, its Intelligence is Graphiel (layparg), and its spirit is Bartzabel (labxrb).

The Sun is called Shemesh. Its Angel is Michael, its Intelligence Nakhiel (laykn), and its spirit Sorath (trws).

Venus is called Noagh. Its Angel is Hanael, its Intelligence is Hagiel (laygh), its spirit is called Kedemel (lamdq).

Mercury is called Kokab. Its Angel is Raphael, its Intelligence is Tiriel (layryf), and its spirit is called Taphthartharath (trtrtpt).

Finally, the Moon is called Levannah. Its Angel is Gabriel, its intelligence is called Malkah be Tarshisim ve-ad Ruachoth Schechalim (\yljc twjwr duw \ysycrtb aklm), and is spirit is called Schad Barschemoth ha-Shartathan (wttrch tumcrb dc)

The traditional Tarot consists of a pack of 78 cards made up of Four Suits of 14 cards each, together with 22 Trumps, or Major Arcana, which tell the story of the Soul.

Each suit consists of ten numbered cards, as in the modern playing cards, but there are four instead of three honours: King or Knight, Queen, Prince or Emperor, Princess or Knave.

the Four Suits are:

Wands, or Scepters, comparable to Diamonds.

Cups or Chalices comparable to Hearts.

Swords, comparable to Spades

Pentacles or Coins, comparable to Clubs. *


*I take some slight issue with these attributions, I think rather that Diamonds should be attributed to Pentacles and Wands to Clubs. The very names 'wands' and 'clubs' are indicative of similar ideas, as are the diamonds (valuable gem) comparable to 'coins'. -Amphion