Flying Roll No. XXX

Tattva Cards and Tattvic Clairvoyance

and Hierophant rising 00=00 signs

By G. H. Fra. D.D.C.F


1.   Concerning Tattva Cards and Tattvic Clairvoyance or Skrying

The Cards used should be of a convenient size. The Tattvas thereon should be as uniform as possible, that is the full sized Apas should be as nearly as possible of the same area as the full sized Tejas—that is if it can conveniently be done.

The Tattvas should be placed on the card so that their perpen­dicular coincides with the card’s length rather than its breadth if the card be oblong i.e.





This is not of great importance, but the horizontal method is apt to increase the negative side too much.

The Sub-Tattva should occupy about one fifth of the area of the main Tattva—one quarter is rather too large, and makes the Sub-Tattva nearly as important to the eye of the operator as the main Tattva when the former is superimposed upon the latter.

The cards should be clean and the colours correct when first made; not dirty cards whose uncleanliness is covered over to the physical eye by the Tattva pasted thereon. For if the cards are thus made they are apt, without the intention of the maker, to attract evil and delusive Elemental Influences from the fact that their formulae necessarily imply hidden iniquity.

2.     Of Tattvic Skrying

The Skryer, using the proper Names, Implements etc. should endeavour to attain the following results for passing the C. Examination in Tattvic Clairvoyance.

He should test everything in the vision, that is to say, every­thing at all doubtful to him. He should describe carefully and in detail the landscape etc. of the vision, and discover, if possible : The special attributes and varying natures of the Plane.

Its Elemental Nature.

The Inhabitants (Elemental, Spiritual etc., etc.).

The Plants, Animals, Minerals etc., which would be corres­pondent to the Nature of the Plane.

The Operation of its Influence in the Universe or Macro­cosm upon (a) this particular Planet (b) animals, plants and minerals.

The Operation of its Influence upon the Microcosm, i.e. Man.


He or she who is operating should avoid carefully any self­hypnotisation by the Tattva, for this will simply lead to foolish and hysteric visions, the offspring of the intoxication of the Operator’s astral sphere by the Tattva.


Of the Mode of delivering the Signs of the 00=00 in a Temple of the Outer Order


The Initiated Hierophant, or any other member of the Second Order present in a Temple of the Outer Order, should give the Signs in the manner laid down in the Z Ritual, and should teach them to be given thus; but he must on no account describe their secret formulae, confining himself to the explanation usually given in the Ritual of the 00=00 Grade of the First Order. It does not matter so much whether the First Order members give them quite properly, but the Second Order initiated members should always do so.