The Lotus Wand


This is for general use in Magical Working. It is to be carried by the Z.A.M. at all meetings of the Second Order at which he has the right to attend.

It is to be made by himself unassisted.
Consecrated by himself.
Used by himself alone.
Untouched by any other person.
Kept wrapped in white silk or linen.
It will thus be free from external influences other than his own, on the human plane. The Wand has the upper end white; the lower is black, and between there are 12 colours referring to the 12 zodiacal signs in the positive and masculine scale of colour. At the upper end of the white is fixed a Lotus Flower in three whorls of 26 petals; the outer 8, the middle 8, and the inner 10 petals. The Calyx has 4 lobes or sepals of orange color. The flower centre is orange. The wand should be from 24 to 40 inches long, of wood about an inch in diameter. See next page for definition of XX.

The bands of white, twelve colours, and black, may be painted or enamelled, or formed of coloured papers gummed on. The lengths of the band should be such that the white is longest, then the black, then the twelve colours in length. The colours must be clean, brilliant and correct.
They are as follows:

Button is Black

The Lotus Flower may be of metal or cardboard, in three whorls of 8, 8, and 10 petals, white internally, with the tips curved inward a little. Outside, the petals should be olive green with five markings, as shown in diagram.

The flower centre should be of orange colour, or a brass bolt to keep all together will serve the same purpose.

On the white portion of the wand the owner's motto may be inscribed.


As a general rule use the White end in Invocation but use the black end to Banish. The white end may be used to banish by tracing a banishing symbol against an evil and opposing force which has resisted other efforts.

By this is meant, that by whatever band you are holding the wand, whether by white for spiritual things, black for mundane, blue for Sagittarius, red for fiery triplicity etc. you are when invoking to direct the white band externally to the quarter desired. When banishing to point the black or lowest end to the quarter. But the Wand is never to be inverted. So when very material forces are concerned, the black end may be most suitable for invocation, but with the greatest caution.

In working on the Plane of the Zodiac, hold the wand by the portion you refer to between the thumb and two fingers. If a planetary working be required, hold the wand by the portion representing the day or night-house of the planet, or else by the Sign in which the Planet is at the time.

Should the action be with the elements, one of the signs of the triplicity of that element should be held according to the nature of the elements intended to be invoked.

Thus bearing in mind that the Kerubic Emblem is the most powerful action of the element in the triplicity.

Leo-violent heat of summer.

Aries-beginning of warmth of spring.

Sagittarius-waning of heat in autumn.

Hold the Wand by the White portion for all Divine or Spiritual matters, or for Sephirotic influences, and for all the processes of Rising on the Planes.

Hold the wand by the black part only for material and mundane affairs.

The ten upper and inner petals refer to the purity of the ten Sephiroth. The middle 8 refer to the counter-charged natural and spiritual forces of fire and air. The lowest and outer 8 refer to the powers of earth and water. The central amber portion refers to the Spiritual Sun. The outer calyx of four orange petals shows the action of the Sun upon the elements perfecting the life of things by differentiation.


The Lotus Flower is not to be touched in working. In Sephirotic and Spiritual things however the flower is to be inclined towards the forehead. To rise in the planes the orange coloured centre is to be fully directed to the forehead.


First provide:

1. A private room
2. A white triangle
3. A red cross of six squares
4. Incense and a rose
5. Lamp, or a vessel of Fire
6. Water in a vase
7. Salt on a platter
8. Astrologic figure of the heavens for the time of consecration.
9. Ritual of the Pentagram
10. The new Wand
11. White linen or silk wrapper
12. A table for an altar with
13. Black cover and drapery.

Second, find the position of the East.

Third, prepare an invocation of the forces of the Sign of the Zodiac.

Fourth, place the Altar in the middle of the room, cover and drape it with a black cloth.

Fifth, arrange upon it the Cross and Triangle, the Water at the base of the triangle, the Incense and Rose in the East above the Cross, the Lamp at the South.

Sixth, illumine the Lamp.

Seventh, stand holding the Wand at the West of the Altar facing the East.

Eighth, grasp the Wand by the Black portion and

Ninth, say 'Hekas, Hekas, este Bebeloi.'

Tenth, perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Eleventh, deposit the wand upon the Altar.

Twelfth, light the Incense from the Lamp.

Thirteenth, sprinkle some Salt into the Water

Fourteenth, purify the room, first with water, and then with fire, as in the Neophyte grade, repeating as you do so these two passages from the ritual of the 31st Path: With water: So therefore first the Priest who governeth the works of fire, must sprinkle with the lustral waters of the loud resounding sea.

Fifteenth, with fire: And when after all the phantoms are banished thou shalt see that holy and formless five, that fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the Universe, hear thou the Voice of Fire.

Take up the Wand again by the white portion, circumambulate the room three times and at West, facing East repeat the adoration.

Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe!

Holy art Thou whom Nature hath not formed!

Holy art Thou! the Vast and Mighty One!

Lord of the Light and of the Darkness!

Sixteenth, perform the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram at the four quarters of the room, tracing the proper pentagram at each quarter.

Seventeenth, stand then in the Eastern Quarter; face the East; hold the Wand by the white portion; give the sign of Adeptus Minor. Look upward, hold the Wand on high and say:

O Harpocrates, Lord of Silence, who art enthroned upon the Lotus. Twenty-six are the Petals of the Lotus Flower of the Wand. 0 Lord of Creation! They are the number of Thy Name. In the name of YHVH let the Divine Light descend.

Eighteenth, facing consecutively the quarter where each Sign is, repeat in each of the 12 directions the Invocation which follows, using the appropriate Divine and Angelic Names and Letters for each special Sign. Begin with Aries. Hold the wand at the appropriate coloured part, and in left hand the element from off the altar which is referred to the Sign and say:

(For Aries) The Heaven is above and the earth is beneath, and between the Light and Darkness the Colours vibrate.


I supplicate the powers and forces governing the realm and place and authority of the Sign Aries by the Majesty of the Divine name YHVH with which in earth life and language I ascribe the letter Heh, to which is allotted the Symbolic tribe of Gad, and over which is the Angel Malchidael, to bestow this present day and hour and confirm their mystic and potent influence upon the Red band of this Lotus Wand, which I hereby dedicate to purity and to occult work. May its grasp strengthen me in the work of the character of Aries and his attributes.

Nineteen, as this is recited, trace in the air with the Lotus end the invoking Pentagram of the Sign required, and hold the corresponding element from the Altar in the left hand, while facing in each of the 12 Zodiacal directions.

Twenty, then lay the wand on the Altar, the Lotus pointing towards the East. Stand on the West side of the Altar, face the East and say:

O Isis! Great Goddess of the Forces of Nature, let Thine influence descend and consecrate this Wand which I dedicate to Thee for the performance of the works of the Magic of Light.

Twenty-first, wrap up the Wand in silk or linen.

Twenty-second, purify the room by Water and by Fire as at the first, then performing the reverse circumambulation.

Twenty-third, standing at the West of the Altar, face the East and recite:

In the Name of Yeheshuah I now set free any Spirits that may have been imprisoned by this Ceremony.

Preferably perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.