In the Opening Ceremony of the grade of Adeptus Minor the complete Symbol of the Rose and Cross is called the ‘Key of Sigils and of Rituals.’ It is further said that it represents the Forces of the 22 Letters in Nature, as divided into a Three, a Seven, and a Twelve.

The inner Three Petals of the Rose symbolise the active Elements of Air, Fire, and Water, operating in the Earth, which is as it were the recipient of them, their container and ground of operation. They are coloured, as are all the other petals, according to the hues of the Rainbow in the masculine scale. The seven next Petals answer to the Letters of the Seven Planets, and the Twelve Outer to the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac.

If thou wilt trace the Sigil of any word or name either in the Air, or written upon paper, thou shalt commence with a circle at the point of the initial letter on the Rose, and draw with thy magical weapon a line from this circle unto the place of the next letter of the name. Continue this, until thou hast finished the word which the letters compose. If two letters of the same sort, such as two Beths or Gimels, come together, thou shalt represent the same by a crook or wave in the line at that point.

And if there be a letter, as Resh in Metatron, through which the line passeth to another letter and which yet formeth part of the name, thou shalt make a noose in the line at that point thus: (____0___) to make the same.

If thou art drawing the Sigil thou mayest work it in the respective colours of the letters and add these together to form a synthesis of colour. Thus the Sigil of Metatron shall be:

blue, greenish-yellow, orange, red-orange, and greenish-blue: the synthesis will be a reddish-citron.

Now we will discuss, for example, the Sigils of the Forces under Binah, the Third Sephirah. The Sigils for the plane of a Sephirah are always worked out on this system in this order:

First: Sigil of the Sephirah - Binah.

Second: Sigil of the Divine Name, representing the force of the Sephirah in the World of Atziluth. For Binah, YHVH ELOHIM.

Third: The Sigil of the Archangel, representing the force of the Sephirah in Briah


Fourth: Sigil of the Choir of Angels, representing the force of the Sephirah in Yetzirah


Fifth: The Sigil of the Sphere of the Planet representing the force of the Sephirah in Assiah -


Finally, the Sigils of any other names whose numbers have some relation to the powers of the Sephirah or its Planet. Yet these latter (the Sigils of the Intelligence and Spirit) are more usually taken from the Magical Kamea or Square of the Planets according to a slightly different system as will be shown hereafter.