The Hexagram is a powerful symbol representing the operation of the Seven Planets under the presidency of the Sephiroth, and of the seven-lettered Name, ARARITA. The Hexagram is sometimes called the Signet Star or Symbol of the Macrocosm, just as the Pentagram is called the Signet Star or Symbol of the Microcosm. ARARITA is a divine name of the Seven letters formed of the Hebrew initials of the sentence:

One is his beginning. One is his individuality. His permutation is one.

As in the case of the Pentagram, from each re-entering angle of the Hexagram issueth a ray representing a radiation from the divine. Therefore it is called the Flaming Hexagram, or the six-rayed Signet Star. Usually, it is traced with the single point uppermost. It is not an evil symbol with the two points upward, and this is a point of difference from the Pentagram.

Now if thou dost draw the Hexagram to have by thee as a Symbol, thou shalt make it in the colours already taught and upon a black ground. These are the Planetary Powers allotted unto the Angles of the Hexagram.




The order of attribution is that of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. Hence ariseth the Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram according to the Angles from which it is traced.

The uppermost angle answereth also to Daath and the lowest to Yesod, and the other angles to the remaining angles of the Microprosopus. The Hexagram is composed of the two triangles of Fire and Water, and is therefore not traced in one continuous line like the Pentagram, but by each Triangle separately. (The exception to this is the use of Unicursal Hexagram, by means of which Hexagram is traced in one continuous line. This is demonstrated at considerable length at the end of this section.)

All the invoking Hexagrams follow the course of the Sun in their current, that is from left to right. But the banishing Hexagrams are traced from right to left from the same angle as their respective invoking Hexagrams contrary to the course of the Sun. The Hexagram of any particular Planet is traced in two Triangles, the first starting from the angle of the Planet, the second opposite to the commencing angle of the first. The Symbol of the Planet itself is then traced in the centre. Thus in the case of the invoking Hexagrams of Saturn, the first triangle is traced from the angle of Saturn, following the course of the Sun, the second triangle from the angle of the Moon.

(Only trace the central Planetary symbol in practice -- the others shown on the diagram only for illustration.) Vibrate Ararita while tracing the Hexagram and divine Name of the Planet when tracing its symbol.




But the invoking Hexagram of the Moon is first traced from the angle of the Moon, its second angle being traced from the triangle of Saturn.

The banishing Hexagram for Jupiter, for example, is traced from the same angle as the invoking Hexagram, and in the same order, but reversing the current’s direction. In all cases the Symbol of the Planet should be traced in the centre























Remember that the symbol of Luna varieth, and as Moon in her increase she is favorable. But Moon is not so favourable for good in her decrease. The symbol of Luna in the centre of the Hexagram should be traced if in her increase; by the reverse in her decrease. Remember that the symbol in her decrease represents restriction and is not so good a symbol as the Moon in her increase. And at the full Moon exactly it is represented by a full circle but at new Moon a dark circle.

The last two forms of Luna are not good in many cases. If thou wilt invoke the Forces of the Head of the Dragon of the Moon thou shalt trace the lunar invoking Hexagram and write therein the symbol of Caput and for the tail Cauda. These Forces of Caput and Cauda are more easy to be invoked when either the Sun or the Moon is with them in the Zodiac in conjunction. In these invocations thou shalt pronounce the same Names and Letters as are given with the Lunar Hexagram. Caput is of a benevolent character, and Cauda of a malefic, save in a very few matters. And be thou well wary of dealing with these forces of Caput and Cauda or with those of Sol and Luna during the period of an eclipse, for they are the Powers of an eclipse. For an eclipse to take place both the Sun and Moon must be in conjunction with them in the Zodiac, these two luminaries being at the same time either in conjunction or opposition as regards each other.

In all Rituals of the Hexagram as in those of the Pentagram. thou shalt complete the circle of the place. Thou shalt not trace an external circle round each Hexagram itself unless thou wishest to confine the force to one place -- as in charging a Symbol or Talisman.

From the attribution of the Planets, one to each angle of the Hexagram, shalt thou see the reason of the sympathy existing between each superior planet and one certain inferior Planet. That is, that to which it is exactly opposite in the Hexagram. And for this reason is it that the Triangle of their invoking and banishing Hexagrams counter-change. The superior Planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars. The inferior Planets are Venus, Mercury, Luna. And inthe midst is placed the Fire of the Sun. Therefore the superior Saturn and the Inferior Luna are sympathetic, so are Jupiter and Mercury, Mars and Venus.

In the Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram the Signs of the Adeptus Minor Grade are to be given, but not those of the Grades of the First Order, notwithstanding these latter are made use of in the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. And because the Hexagram is the Signet Star of the Macrocosm or Greater World, therefore is it to be employed in all invocations of the Forces of the Sephiroth: though the Signet Star of the Pentagram represents their operation in the Luna World, in the Elements and in Man.

If thou wilt deal with the Forces of the Supernal Triad of the Sephiroth, thou shalt make use of the Hexagrams of Saturn; for Chesed those of Jupiter, for Geburah those of Mars; for Tiphareth those of the Sun, and for Netzach those of Venus, and for Hod those of Mercury, and for Yesod and Malkuth those of the Moon.

Know also that the Sephiroth are not to be invoked on every slight occasion, but only with due care and solemnity. Above all, the forces of Kether and Chokmah demand the greatest purity and solemnity of heart and mind in Shim who would penetrate their mysteries. For such high knowledge is only to be obtained by him whose Genius can stand in the Presence of the Holy Ones. See that thou usest the Divine Names with all reverence and humility for cursed is he that taketh the Name of the Vast One in vain.

When thou tracest the Symbol of a Planet in the centre of a Hexagram, thou shalt make the same of a proportionable size to the interior of the Hexagram, and thou shalt trace them from left to right generally following the course of the Sun as much as possible. Caput and Cauda Draconis may follow the general rule.

When thou shalt invoke either the Forces of one particular Planet or those of them all, thou shalt turn thyself towards the Quarter of the Zodiac where the Planet thou invokest then is. For owing both to their constant motion in the Zodiac and to the daily movement of the same, the position of a Planet is continually changing, and therefore it is necessary for thee in such a case to erect an astrological chart of the position of the Planets in the heavens for the actual time of working, so that thou mayest see the direction of each Planet from thee. This is even more necessary when working with the Planets than with the signs of the Zodiac.

When thou shalt desire to purify or consecrate any place, thou shalt perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, either in conjunction with, or instead of that of the Pentagram, according to the circumstances of the case. For example, if thou hast been working on the plane of the Elements before, it will be well to perform the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram before proceeding to thee work of a Planetary nature, so as thoroughly to clear the places of Forces which, although not hostile or evil of themselves, will yet not be in harmony with those of an altogether different Plane. And ever be sure that thou dost complete the circle of the place wherein thou workest.



These are the four forms assumed by conjoining the two triangles of the Hexagram on which the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram is based.

The first form is:

The angles are attributed as in the diagram. Its affinity is with the Eastern Quarter; the position of Fire in the Zodiac. (Note: To form these from the usual Hexagram, lower the inverted triangle, then reverse it by throwing the Lunar angle up to the top from being lowest. Mars and Jupiter do not change sides.)

The second form is the ordinary Hexagram with the attribution of the angles as usual: the affinity being rather with the Southern Quarter, the position of Earth in the Zodiac, and of the Sun at his culmination at noon.

The third form is:


The angles are attributed as shown and its affinity is with the Western Quarter, the position of Air in the Zodiac.

The fourth form is:

The angles are attributed as shown and its affinity is with the Northern Quarter, the position of Water in the Zodiac.

With each of these forms the Name Ararita is to be pronounced. Also as in the preceding cases there will be seven modes of tracing each of these four forms, according to the particular Planet with those Forces thou art working at the time.

The Hexagrams of Saturn may be used in general and comparatively unimportant operations, even as the Pentagram. In these four forms of the Hexagram thou shalt trace them beginning at the angle of the Planet under whose regimen thou art working, following the course of the Sun to invoke, and reversing the course to banish. That is to say, working from left to right for the former and from right to left for the latter. Remember always that the symbols of the Elements are not usually traced on Sigils but are replaced by the Kerubic Emblems of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and the Eagle head.



Commence with the Qabalistic Sign of the Cross as in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and use what manner of Magical implement may be necessary according to the manner of working, either the Lotus Wand or the Magical Sword.

Stand facing East, If thou desirest to invoke thou shalt trace the figure thus:

Following the course of the Sun, from left to right and thou shalt pronounce the name Ararita, vibrating it as much as possible with thy breath and bringing the point of the Magical Implement to the center of the figure.

But if thou desirest to banish thou shalt trace it thus:

From right to left, and see that thou closest carefully the finishing angle of each triangle. Carry thy magical implement round to the South and if thou desirest to invoke trace the figure thus:

But if to banish then from left to right thus:

Bring as before the point of thy magical implement to the center and pronounce the Name Ararita.

Pass to the West, and trace the figure for invoking thus:

Banishing thus:

Then to the North, Invoking:


Then pass round again to the East so as to complete the circle of the place wherein thou standest, then give the LVX signs and repeat the analysis of the Pass-word INRI of the Adeptus Minor Grade.


Now in the Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram, when thou shalt wish to attract in addition to the forces of a Planet, those of a Sign of the Zodiac wherein he then is, thou shalt trace in the centre of the invoking Hexagram of the Planet, the Symbol of that Sign of the Zodiac beneath his own; and if this be not sufficient, thou shalt also trace the invoking Pentagram of the Sign as it is directed in the ritual of the Pentagram.

In the tracing of the Hexagram of any Planet thou shalt pronounce therewith in a vibratory manner as before taught, both the Divine Name of the Sephira which ruleth the Planet and the Seven-letterd Name Ararita, and also the particular letter of that Name which is referred to that particular Planet.

Now if thou shalt wish to invoke the forces of One particular Planet, thou shalt find in what Quarter of the heavens he will be situate at the time of working. Then thou shalt consecrate and guard the place wherein thou art by the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. Then thou shalt perform the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, yet tracing the four figures employed from the angle of the Planet required, seeing that for each Planet the mode of tracing varieth. If thou dealest with the Sun, thou shalt invoke by all six forms of the Figure and trace within them the Planet Symbol and pronounce the Name Ararita as has been taught.

Then shalt thou turn unto the quarter of the planet in the Heavens and shalt trace his invoking Hexagram and pronounce the proper Names, and invoke what Angels and Forces of that Nature may be required, and trace their Sigils in the air.

When thou hast finished thy invocation thou shalt in most cases license them to depart and perform the Banishing Symbols upon it which would have the effect of entirely de-charging it and reducing it to the condition it was in when first made --that is to say dead and lifeless.

If thou wishest to bring the Rays of all or several of the Planets into action at the same time, thou shalt discover their quarter in the Heavens for the time of working, and thou shalt trace the general Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, but not differentiated for any particular Planet, and then thou shalt turn to the Quarters of the respective Planets and invoke their forces as before laid down; and banish them when invocation is finished, and conclude with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. And ever remember to complete the circle of the place wherein thou workest, following the course of the sun.