Addressed to the grade of Philosophus

4=7 by Frater D.D.C.F.


These be they who are Unclean and Evil, even the Distortion and Perversion of the Sephiroth; the fallen restriction of the Universe; the rays of the Coils of the Stooping Dragon. Eleven are their classes, yet Ten are they called; seven are the heads and yet an eighth head arises. Seven are the Infernal Palaces, yet do they include Ten.

In the Tree of Life, by the Waters of the River, in the Garden of Wisdom, is the serpent of the Paths; it is the Serpent of the Celestial Eden. But the Serpent of the Temptation is that of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; the antithesis and opposer of the other: the Red Coiled Stooping Dragon of the Apocalypse, the Serpent of the Terrestrial Eden.

Regard thou therefore the Celestial Serpent as of Brass, glistening with green and gold, the colours of vegetation and of growth. Banish thou therefore the evil and seek the good, thou who wouldst know the Life of Ages, thou who would follow in the footsteps of our Master, 0 Brother of the Order of the Golden Dawn. For as Moses lifted up the Serpent in the Wilderness, even so must the Son of Adam must be lifted up, raised through the balance of Strife and of Trial, to the path­way of the Eternal Life. And when like our master, thou art extended on the Tree through suffering and through pain, let thy countenance be raised up towards the Light of the Holy One to invoke the Divine Brightness, not for thyself, but for those who have not yet attained unto the Pathway, even though they be thy tormentors. Balanced between the spiritu­al and the Material, the type of the Reconciler, remember the symbol of the Brazen Serpent.’40 Mark thou well the differ­ence between the two Serpents, for before the Serpent of Brass of numbers, the Serpent of Fire could not stand.

But at the Fall, the Serpent of Evil arising in the Tree sur­rounded Malkuth, and linked her thus unto the Outer and the Qlippoth, for this is the Sin of the Fall, even the separation of the Material Plane from the Sephiroth through the interposi­tion of the Coils of the Stooping Dragon.

Thus therefore must Malkuth be cleansed and this is the Redemption to come. For also Christ expiated not Sin till after he had overcome the Temptation. But surely all things in the Creation are necessary, seeing that one existeth not without the other. And the evil also helpeth the Work, for thus the greater and more intense the darkness, by so much the more doth the Light become bright by contrast and draweth, as it were, increased force from the Blackness.






The Zohar tells us  that while God took six days to create the world, the infernal regions of man were created at night in the mirror image of the world above them. At the point where both day and night merge the ele­ments were mixed and unsettled, forming a division in the waters (of the first day). Due to this imbalance between the first and second day, the third was created to finish the work of the second.



Infernal Habitations





In the diagram above, the first circle shows the Water of Tears, for the tears are the separation from the Light after the Fall. It is the cry of Adam separated from the first Adam and the loss of the Shekinah. The second circle shows the Waters of Creation. This represents Creation away from the Light. It is the creation of the Shells of the Qlippoth and the creation of man from Adam. The third circle shows the Waters of the Ocean which team with living creatures, both Good and Evil, and it is from this that the serpent issues forth. The fourth circle is the False Sea and is the Astral World, the place where deception and reflection are confused. The Four Seas are also reflections of the Four Rivers from the Garden of Eden (and also the Four Worlds), for it is they who must nourish the seven Infernal Habitations.

On the right side of the diagram, the lesser circles represent the 7 Earths. Though these circles are referred to as earths they should be called states for they are states of awareness or consciousness that envelop man at different times. They are also reflections of the Sephiroth and are part of the Garden that man inherited that he could aspire to, for these were left with man when he was banished from the Garden of Eden. In many respects these were the shells of the Kingdoms of Edom which had been destroyed by their imperfect ability to accept God’s Light, and are but shadows of their former glory. The entire concept here is to show the fal­sity of matter over the spirit. For the earths represent the material side of man, his passions and desires, which eventually crumble with time as shown by Aretz, the earth furtherest away from the present. Some con­sider the seven earths’ periods of time or evolution to start with the present, Thabel, considered the most perfect of them all, and lead to the less perfect worlds, and to the final crumble and decay of Aretz.


1.        Aretz — Dry crumbling Earth


2.        Adamah — Reddish mould


3.        Gia — Undulating ground, like the side of a valley


4.        Neschiah — Pasture or meadow land


5.        Tziah — Sandy or desert land


6.        Areqa — Earth


7.        Thebel or Chaled — Mitrd earth and water


On the left-hand side of the diagram are the seven Infernal Habita­tions. These are the experiences one will have passing through the seven imperfect earths, as described above. Some of the names on the left are of the angelic guardians (except the last), after whom these experiences have been named. The guardians prevent anyone from leaving his or her allotted area before the designated time.

      Adverse Powers at the Feet of the Cherub



1.        Sheol — Depths of the earth


2.        Abaddon — Perdition


3.       Titahion — Clay of Death


4.       Bar Shasketh — Pit of Destruction


5.       Tzelmoth — Shadow of Death


6.       Shaari Moth — Gates of death


7.               Gehinnon Hell


























Whirling Fire










Samael (ox)


Great Cloud













Rahab (ass)





In the Mercavah vision of Ezekiel it is written: “And I looked and behold a whirlwind came out of the North, a great cloud, and Fire enfolding itself, and a Splendour on every side, and Chasmal, the brilliance of the inner-most flame in the midst of the Fire.


These are the Four Kerubic expressions of Force, and the Evil and Adverse Powers broken beneath their feet are:


1.       Rahab, whose symbol is a woman riding upon an ass.


2.       Samael, whose symbol is a terrible demon leaping upon an ox.


3.       Machaloth, a form compounded of a woman and a serpent, and she rideth upon a serpent-scorpion.


4.       Lilith, a woman outwardly beautiful but inwardly corrupt, and putrefying, riding upon a strange and terrible beast.


To these four are attributed the Four Kingdoms, and they are also classed under the Sephiroth as shown.




The Twelve Princes of the Qlippoth







These are the names of the Twelve Princes and Tribes of the Qlippoth who are the heads of the months of the year.


1.   BAIRIRON — so called because they are derived from the Fourth Evil Force; viz, Samael the Black. Their colors are dull and black; and their form is that of a Dragon-Lion.


2.   ADIMIRON — whose colors are like dam1 blood, mixed with water and dull yellow and gray. Their form is that of lion lizards.


3.   TzELLADIMIRON — whose colours are like limped blood, tzelil,2 bronze and crimson. They are like savage triangular-headed dogs.


4.   SCHECHIRIRON — whose colors are black, and their form blended of reptile, insect and shell-fish, such as the crab and the lobster, yet Demon-faced withal.


5.   SHELHABIRON — whose colors are fiery and yellow and their form like merciless wolves and jackals.


6.   TZEPHARIRON — whose colors are like those of earth, and their form is partially living yet decaying corpses.


7.   OBIRIRON — whose colors are like clouds and their form like gray bloated Goblins.


8.   NECHESHETHIRON — whose color is like copper, and their forms like that of a most devilish and human headed insects.


9.   NACHASHIRON — whose colors are like serpents, and their form like dog-headed serpents.


10. DAGDAGIRON — whose colors are reddish and gleaming, and their form like vast and devouring flat-shaped fishes.


11. BEHEMIRON — whose arms are derived from Behemoth, and their colors are black and brown, and their forms like those of awful beasts, like hippopotamus and an elephant, but crushed flat, or as if their skin was spread out flat over the body of a gigantic beetle or cockroach.


12. NESHIMIRON — whose colors are of a stagnant gleaming watery blue, and their forms like hideous women, almost skele­tons, united to the bodies of Serpents and Fishes.


In the midst of the circle are placed Samael and Asmodai. The sym­bolic form of the former is somewhat like that of the Devil of the Tarot, but colossal and attenuated; that of Asmodai is that of a bloated and bes­tial man, but in a crouching position.



1This is the title of the blood from the last of the ten plagues of Egypt.

2This relates to a ringed formation of colors.


At the Southeast Angle are placed the Evil Adam, a goat-headed, skeleton-like giant, and the thousand- headed Hydra serpent; and the Elder Lilith, wife of Samael, a woman with an ever-changing and distort­ed countenance.

At the Northeast Angle is Aggereth, the daughter of Machaloth, a fiendish witch with serpent hair, enthroned in a chariot drawn by an ox and an ass.

At the Northwest Angle is a gigantic Scorpion with a fearful counte­nance, but standing upright as it were and formed of putrefying water. After him cometh the unnameable one, Abbadon, and his appearance and symbol are of a closely-veiled, black, gigantic figure covered with whirling wheels, and in his hand is a vast wheel whence come as it whirls, multitudes of cat-like demons, Behind him cometh Maamah, like a crouching woman with an animal’s body crawling along the ground and eating the earth.

And at the Southwest Angle are a winged lion and a winged horse drawing in like a chariot the youngest Lilith, the wife of Asmodai. She is dark, a woman to the waist, and a man below it, and she appears as though dragging down, with her hands, small figures of men into Hell.





1.   This is Qematiel, whose form is that of a vast black-headed Dragon-serpent and he uniteth under him the force of Kether of the Internal and Averse Sephiroth.


2.   This is Belial, a black, bloated Man-dragon. He who denied God; and he that uniteth the force of the averse Chokmah.


3.   This is Othiel or Gothiel, a black bloated man-insect horrible of aspect; his breadth greater than his length; and he uniteth the force of the averse Binah.


4.   This is Samael the Black. All of these are of gigantic stature and terrible aspect.




The Evil and Adverse Tree







These be the Evil and Averse Sephiroth, contained in the Seven Palaces, and these Sephiroth have their place from behind the holiness of the World of Assiah. And Samael the Evil, surroundeth the whole Evil Sephiroth who are thus eleven instead of ten.

There are eleven letters in the Hebrew word for “Lieutenant Governor:” Esther 9:3; 11 days from Horeb, Deut.1:3; 11 curtains; The Hebrew word AY4 were the curses of Ebal; 11 were the Dukes of Edom, and so forth.

In the Evil Palaces the first containeth Kether, Chokmah and Binah. Unto Kether is attributed Kerthiel which means “cut off from God,” Ps. 37:34. “When the wicked are cutoff. And the symbolic form is that of Black Evil Giants. Also to Kether belong the Thaumiel or Thamiel, the Bicephalous Ones; and their forms are those of Dual Giant Heads with bat­like wings. They have not bodies for they are those that seek continually to unite themselves unto the bodies of other beings and forces.

Unto Chokmah are referred to the Dukes of Edom; and the Zogiel (from Og of Bashan) or as it is sometimes written Ghogiel or Oghiel, and they attach themselves unto lying and material appearances, and their form is like that of Black-Evil Giants with loathsome serpents twined round them. Unto Binah are referred the Satorial or Harasiel, the Con­cealers and Destroyers whose forms and appearances are as gigantic black veiled Heads with Horns, and hideous eyes seen through the veil, and they are followed by evil centaurs. These are also called Seriel, from Esau, because of their hairiness.

The Second Palace contains Chesed, unto which are attrib­uted the Gagh Shekelah, the Disturbing Ones, and their sym­bolic forms are those of black cat-headed giants. They are also called Aziel, Charariel and Agniel.

The Third Palace contairieth Geburah, whereunto are attributed Golahab, or Burners with Fire, otherwise called Zaphiel, and their forms are those of enormous black heads like a volcano in eruption.

The Fourth Palace contairieth Tiphareth whereunto are attributed Zamiel, and they are great black giants, ever work­ing against each other.

The Fifth Palace containeth Netzach. whereunto are attrib­uted the Ghoreb Zereq, or Dispeasing ravens. Their form is that of hideous demon-headed Ravens issuing from a volcano, also called Getzphiel.

The Sixth Palace containeth Hod, whereunto are referred to the Samael or Deceivers (Jugglers), whose form is that of dull, demon headed dog like monsters.


4This translates as “where” and has a numerical value of 11 in Deut. 22:37.


The Seventh palace containeth Yesod and Malkuth. Unto Yesod are referred the Gamaliel, or Obscene bull-men, linked together. Thereunto are also referred Nachashiel, evil serpents, and Obriel. Thereunto belongeth the Blind Dragon-force.

Unto Malkuth is attributed Lilith, the Evil Woman and the appearance is that of a woman at first beautiful, but afterwards changing to a black monkey-like demon. The name of the ser­pent, Nachash, hath the same number as that of Messiah, who will root out the Qlippoth from the world.






1.        Kether — Satan and Moloch


2.        Binah — Beelzebub


3.        Chokmah — Lucifuge


4.        Chesed — Ashtaroth


5.        Geburah — Asmodeus


6.        Tiphareth — Belphagor


7.        Netzach — Baal


8.        Hod — Adramalech


9.        Yesod — Lilith


10.      Malkuth — Nahemah


According to the opinion of some; but these names can hardly be referred to any one Sephirah, seeing their power extendeth over many and numberless orders.

Behemoth and Leviathan are two evil forms, of which the first is the synthesis of the Qlippoth already described under the head of Behemiron in the Qlippoth of the Months of the Year.

The Leviathan are, as it were, numberless Dragon forms united together so that each of his scales is like a separate Evil Serpent.