Members of the Second Order in Caledonia are requested not to arrange privately for Second Order teaching with private members in Anglia or elsewhere. All instructions will be arranged for on application to headquarters in Caledonia as well as manuscripts supplied in this Order, and examinations arranged.

Members are requested to strengthen rather than weaken their central authority, and to work in harmony.

Approved by the Chief Adept of the Order, G.H. Frater D.D.C.F. 7-4. (September 1897, Revised in 1898.)

Every member of the Inner Order has been admitted by the permission of the Chief Adept, and every member only retains his membership by the continued approval of the Chief Adept in Brittania.

There is no admission fee, nor annual subscription. But inasmuch as the Chiefs have made themselves liable for certain expenditures by establishing and maintaining a Home for the Order in London, they anticipate that each member will assist, in accordance with his means, in supporting the Order, and supplying the funds necessary for the general maintenance of the Home, the expenses of assemblies, and the extension of the Library.

The Chief Adept -- the G.H. Frater D.D.C.F. -- is now the source of all official instruction. The Chief Adept in Charge, G.H. Frater N.O.M., is his executive Officer. He also now holds the office of Registrar of the Second Order, and to him all communications and appeals are to be addressed. The V.H. Soror Shemeber acts as Assistant Registrar to supervise the circulation of Rituals, etc.

Continuance of membership of the Second Order implies a contract to return to the Registrar on demand, or upon resignation, demission or expulsion, all documents, rituals, rolls, implements, and insignia possessed as an Adeptus Minor.

Membership also implies an assent to the right of the Chief Adept to publish to all other members, the fact and cause of any suspension, resignation, demission, or expulsion from the Second Order.

Every member is expected to attend the Annual Ceremony on the Corpus Christi Day or to send to the Registrar before the date of assembly a reasonable excuse for absence. The fact of the existence of a Home for the Second Order as well as the address thereof, is to be preserved as a secret from every member of the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn, as much as from those outside the pale of the Order.


The Adepti assembled at the Home form a Council which may take cognisance of all matters affecting the welfare of the Order of the Golden Dawn, and of the Second Order. They may report any Resolution, arrived at by a majority of two thirds of those present, at any council to the Registrar, who shall place the Resolution before the Chief Adept, but such Council must be a representative one.

Membership of the Second Order implies a desire and an effort to make progress in the special studies therein taught. As in the Outer Order, the Roll will be revised once a year, and if the G.H. Chiefs consider that any member has failed to make such efforts at progress as might be ressonably expected, they may call upon any member for an explanation. If this latter is not deemed satisfactory, it may be followed by suspension, or an edict of degradation to the rank of a Lord of the Portal, or of cessation of membership.

Offences against the terms of the Adeptus Minor Obligation are deemed of the utmost gravity, while infraction of executive regulations unless repeated and indefensible, will be deemed of less grave importance. The Chiefs hope that private differences between members will be amicably arranged in private, as they have no wish to interfere in such matters.

Members should at all times be very careful not to shew any disrespect to the personal religious feelings of other members.

Notices will be from time to time posted in the Library, in reference to minor regulations, price of the books, and to the holding of classes for instruction.

Whenever one Adept writes to another Adeptus Minor on Second Order matters, he must stamp the envelope in a peculiar manner; viz, in the usual corner, but with the stamp turned around, so that the face looks upwards -- like C.R.C. in the Pastos.

You are particularly requested to think and speak at all times with tolerance and respect of all other Schools of true Occultism, and of the Eastern Philosophy as contrasted with Hermeticism and the Rosicrucian fraternity.

The works of the Lake Harris school are better avoided. The H. B. of L. is condemned, as of course are Luciferian or Palladistic teachings. The so-called Rose Croix of Sir Peladan is considered as an ignorant perversion of the Name, containing no true knowledge and not even worthy of the title of an occult order. The Black Mass is naturally by its own confession of the evil magic school. The Martinists, as long as they adhere to the teachings of their Founder, should not be out of harmony with the R.R. et A.C.

Regulations for the conduct of the progress of a member through the Zelator sub-grade of the grade of Adeptus Minor.



1. Admission ceremony. After which receive Ritual A which consists of general instructions.

The Adeptus Minor Ritual is to be thoroughly studied and the clauses of the Obligation as referred to the Sephiroth are to be impressed upon the memory.

2. Ritual of the Pentagram. Commit the system to memory.

3. Ritual of the Hexagram. Commit the system to memory.

4. Receive ritual U, the Microcosm, to be attentively studied though not learned by heart.

5. Receive Ritual Z-l and Z-3.

6. Receive Ritual D and make Lotus wand to be consecrated after approval of Chief in Charge.

7. Receive Ritual E and F, and make Rose Cross, and consecrate it after approval as before.

8. Receive Ritual G, and make and consecrate the five Implements as before.

9. Receive Ritual K, the Consecration Ceremony. And M-the Hermes Vision and Lineal figures, and W-Hodos Chamelionis.

10. Receive and study Flying Rolls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, inclusive at any period during the first stage.

The Adept must pass Examinations marked A and B at the end of this First Stage, and thus become a Zelator Adeptus Minor.

(Note. By permission of the Chief Adept, 6, 7, and 8 may be taken immediately after 3. Then 4 and 5.)



11. Receive and study Flying Rolls 11, 12, 14,20,21,26,28,29, 30, and may now pass C, G, and E examinations.



12. Receive and study Rituals N, 0, P, Q, R. Must now pass G, C, D, and Eexaminations.



13. Receive and study Rituals H, S, T, X, Y. Must now pass F examination.




14. Receive and study Rituals Z-2, and practise Consecration and Invocation. Must pass H Examination. Practical success in Ceremonials of Z-2 is required.

These Rituals and Flying Rolls may be sent by mail covered and fastened up against inspection. Members must return them in a similar manner. If they do not register them, they will be held liable to replace them if lost in transit.

When a document is marked 'To be kept. . .days' this must not be exceeded.

On the completion of this course of study and the passing of the eight examinations referred to, the Chief Adepts may, at their discretion, admit the Zelator Adeptus Minor to the subgrade of Theoricus Adeptus Minor. But there exists no actual right to such higher grade. This course may be completed within two years.

The examinations leading from the sub-grades of Neophyte and Zelator Adeptus Minor to the sub-grade of Theoricus Adeptus Minor.

The examinations are partly viva voce, partly written in the presence of the Examiner, and partly written at home. In the latter case, manuscripts may be referred to, but no personal assistance may be obtained under the pain of entire rejection.

No Adept will be admitted to sub-grade of Theoricus Adeptus Minor unless he shows a competent knowledge of every one of these subjects. Adepts who have passed any examinations are required to refrain from supplying information as to the questions and procedure they have experienced to any other Adept until he has passed the same examination. The order of passing the examinations has already been defined.

The Examiner in Chief reserves the right to make further regulations as required, as to procedure after failures to pass these examinations, or may subsequently insist on the Examinations being taken in any different order than already laid down.

Z.A.M. TO Th. A.M.




Part I Written. Part 2 Viva voce and Practical in presence of Examiner. No part at home.

The Obligation, Proof of familiarity with all clauses.

Minutum Mundum diagrams. Names, Letters, Colors, Tarots, with Tarot attributions of Sephiroth and Paths.

Rose and Cross Sigils. Draw Sigil for any given name.

Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. Allotment of Elements, names and forces; mode of drawing any or all.

In Part 1, the Ceremonials must show 'effect' as well as verbal accuracy.



Part I Written, and Part I viva voce in presence of Examiner. No part at home.

The Magical Implements. Sword, Cup, Wand, Dagger and Pantacle and Lotus Wand.  The construction, constitution, symbolism of these and rules for their use. The dangers of imperfect construction and ignorant use. Ceremonies of Consecration, Formulae of Invocation.

Z.A.M. TO Th. A.M.


Spirit Vision and Astral Projection.

Part I. In presence of Examiner, viva voce and Practical. Describe results with symbol supplied. Judging Tattwa cards and visions from Tattwa cards.

Part 2. In the absence of the Examiner, assisted if desired by manuscripts and lectures, but without personal assistance. Written essays on experience with symbols of Tattwas, made by the Candidate but chosen by the Examiner.

Z. A. M. TO Th. A. M.


Astrology, Geomancy, Tarot. The practice of Divination by these three systems. Part 2. Divination by all three schemes upon a given subject. Report in writing to be done at home -- without personal assistance.

Part 3. A supplementary viva voce examination if required.

Z.A. M. TO Th. A. M.


Talismans and Flashing Tablets -- their formation and consecration. Ascending to the planes. Formation of Angelic and Telesmatic Figures from Letters of Name supplied.

Vibrating mode of pronouncing Divine Names. The actual vibration of ADONAI HA-ARETZ until radiance of Aura is established.

Part 1. Perform Ceremony of Invocation or Banishing of the forces of any given Sign, Planet or Element.

From a given symbol, travel to the Plane and ascend vibrating the proper Names, etc. Vibration of ADONAI HA-ARETZ until radiance suffices.

Part 2. At home. Make and consecrate a Talisman for a given purpose. Make and charge three flashing tablets, viz: for an Element, a Planet and a Sign.

Draw and colour Angelic figures or Elemental figures appropriate to these as may be required.

Z. A. M. TO Th. A. M.


Especially the 10 Servient square of each Lesser Angle as to Angel, Sphinx and God. Chess play, relation of pieces to Tarots, etc., as taught in Y. 1. and Y.2. Rituals.

Part 1. Written in presence of Examiner. Ability to fill up all attributions of any given Lesser Angle. Viva voce if required.

Part 2. Written report of Astral visit to certain squares, with the buildings and colourings of the division of each square, and drawings coloured of appropriate Angel, Sphinx and Pyramid God, as required.

Z. A. M. TO Th. A. M.


Symbols and Formulae from the Neophyte Ritual. Explain all allusions of any paragraph and the symbolism of any Robe, Lamen, Wand or Action. Also the Neophyte Secret Words and the Coptic Alphabet.

Viva Voce and written in the presence of the Examiner at his discretion.

Consecration and Evocation.

A ceremony on the Formulae of Ritual Z-2 must be performed before the Examiner, and must meet with his approval as to method, execution and effect.

The Chief Adept in charge desires that each Adept will procure a small manuscript book, and enter for himself the titles and subdivisions of all the Examinations, with this phrase written out for each examination:


'I, the undersigned, do this day certify that I have duly examined and am satisfied with attainments which have been shown.'


This book must then be shown at each examination, and also on admission to the Grade of Theoricus Adeptus Minor.

Th. A. M. TO P. A.M.

H. Preliminary Notes:

   Each Th.A.M. shall make, adapt, or consecrate by himself the Ring and Disk of a Theoricus for use in Divination and Consultation. The same Ring and, or similiar, is to be worn as a badge of his Grade, suspended from a ribbon of one, or of all the four colours of Malkuth.
   He or she shall carefully study and practice the following subjects, in which a rigid examination will have to be passed before the Grade of Practicus Adeptus Minor can be obtained.

1. A careful study of the symbolism contained in the Zelator Ritual of the First Order, so as to be able to expalain any part thereof. A lecture on this subject will be available.
2. A development of the Sense of Clairaudience in the Spirit Vision.
3. The knowledge of the Ritual of the 12 gates in Skrying and Travelling in the Spririt Vision, answering to the diagram of the Table of Shewbread.
4. The method of Bringing the Divine White Brilliance into Action by a certain Ritual of Ascent and Descent.
5. Careful and elaborate study and analysis of the four squares above the Calvary Crosses in each Lesser Angle of the Four Enochian Tablets, and their influence when combined with the Servient Squares of each Lesser Angle.
6. Development of the employment and uses of Telesmata and Symbols.
7. Of the combination of diverse forces so as to reconcile their action in the same symbol of Telesma.
8. The Egyptian Art of the Formulation of a combined series of images of Gods or Forces, so as to have the effect of a continuous Prayer or Invocation for the Power desired.
9. The knowledge of ShDIALchi or the Art of taking, in any working, the godform which would govern the same, by means of identification with a Telesmatic figure.
10. The True system of Astrological Divination.
11. Of the Correspondence existing between each of the 16 figures of Geomancy, and each of the 16 Lesser Angles of the Enochian Tablets treated as a whole.
12. Tarot Divination translated into Magical Action.
13. The Knowledge of the Secret Ritual of the symbolism of the order of the Days of the Week of Creation, answering to the Diagram of the Seven-Branched Candlestick.
14. The Thorough elementary knowledge of the Formulas of the Awakening of the Abodes, by means of the Play or Raying of the Checkers of the Lesser Angles of the Enochian Tablets.
15. The opening of the knowledge of the Masculine and Feminine Potencies necessary unto the manifestation of all things symbolized in the diagram of the Flaming Sword between MTTRVN and ANDLPVN.



A. General Orders.
B. Ritual of Pentagram.
C. Ritual of Hexagram.
D. Lotus Wand.
E. Rose Cross.
F. Sigils from the Rose.
G. Five Implements.
H. Enochi Clavis or the Tablets of Enoch.
I. Adeptus Minor Obligation.
J. Consecration Ceremony Of The Vault.
K. History.
M. Hermes Vision. Lineal Figures.
N. Tarot Description.
0. Astronomic -- Tarot.
P. Tarot Star Maps.
Q. Key to Tarot divination.
R. Tabulated Rules, Tarot.
S. Enochian Attributions -- Official.
T. The Enochian Calls.
U. Microcosm.
V. Hodos Chamelionis.
X. Pyramid Gods.
Y -- 1. Chess and Chaturanga.
Y -- 2. Chess Formulae and Rules.
Z -- 1. Upon the Neophyte Ritual.
Z -- 2. Ceremonial Magic.
Z -- 3. Simbolism



1. Warnings.

2. Purity and Will.

3. Administrative.

4. Spirit Vision.

5. Imagination.

6. Note on No. 2.

7. Alchemy, physical.

8. Geomantic Pentagram.

9.. Right and Left Pillars.

10. Self-sacrifice.

11. Clairvoyance.

12. Telesmatic Images and Adonai ha-Aretz.

13. Secrecy and Hermetic Love.

14. Talismans.

15. Man and God.

16. Fama Fraternitatis.

17, Vault Sides.

18. Progress in the Order.

19. Aims and means of Adeptship

20. Elementary view of Man.

21. Know Thyself.

22. Free Will.

23. Tattwic Visions.

24. Horary Figures.

25. Essay on Clairvoyance.

26. Planets and Tattwas.

27. Theurgie.

28. Use of Implements.

29. Administrative.

30. Skrying Rules.

31. Ethiopic Letters.

32. Theban Letters.

33. Enochian Square Visions.

34. An Exorcism.

35. Notes on the Exordium in Z. Ritual.

36. On Skrying by V.N.R.