Being the Grade of the ROD which BLOSSOMED




THE MAGUS (Ma.): grey robe, white head-dress with a gold cord, leopard skin, sandals, spray of almond.


KING OF SALEM (Kg.): Blue and purple robe, winged sphere, lamen, incense, rose.


SHEKINAH (Sh.): Rose coloured tunic, black veil, Acacia


POSTULANT: (Pos.) 1. White tunic and red shoes. 2. Brown cloak and cowl, sandals and staff. 3. Robe of Glory. He must bring the spray of acacia received in the 6=5 and the crystal.

ANTE-ROOM: Draped in red, Pastos upright and draped in white.

Portal: Sand-coloured with cross of Lights, Ankh and Tat Pillars at the S&N arms of the Cross; tripod of salt in the West.


VAULT: Square, blue with a violet floor, grey veil across


EAST SIDE: White and Gold altar, black and white cross to fold up. Cauldron of bubbling water on the altar. Red Mars symbol on green curtain on the outer side of the vault door. Silver star is south of cauldron in the north. A lantern is placed by the Shekinah for postulant; the only tarot key that is painted is the Wheel of Fortune; the Hermit represents the postulant and Fortitude is shown by the Shekinah beside the lion.


FOUR STARS: Fomalhault, 12 rays, Antares, 24 Rays, Regulus 36 rays, Aldebaran, 72 rays.


THREE KEYS: Wheel of Fortune (revolving clockwise), Hermit (Brown Robe), Fortitude (Lion).


FOUR CORDS are required: amber, violet, black and silver.




Thoth: The sign of Thoth involved a drawing down of the word down the middle pillar from above the crown and out into the hands. This represents a perfected idea coming from the Logos, or the mind of God, crossing the abyss and entering into manifestation. This is performed by the Magus who uses the Godform of Thoth.


Hathor: The sign of Hathor involved placing the left hand on the earth while the right hand reached to heaven. This god form is used by the Shekinah. This moves sums up the second order which, by virtue of the fact that it always invokes the higher first and brings it down to earth.


Horus: The sign of Horus is given by the King of Salam. It represents the outer order but a turning away from "evil:'


Osiris: There is a fourth sign, called the Sign of Osiris and this is sign of Harpahkrat but using the left hand instead of the right. It is supposed to indicate Osiris who sees in the great silence the dawning of truth.





Vault door is wide open and curtains are drawn back; Magus stand within holding a branch of pink almond blossom in his hand. Shekinah stands by the Tat Pillar with a spray of acacia in her left hand and a lighted lantern in her right. King of Salem stands by Ankh Pillar with a red rose in his left hand and a censor in his right. This forms a triangle with the Sekinah in the north and the King of Salem in the south.

Ma.: Ye heavens open and the winds are still and let God’s deathless sphere receive the WORD.

Kg.: Oh ADONAI HA ARTEZ, MELEK ISRAEL, Thou who appeared unto Moses in the flame of fire in the bush and gave him the law in Sinai–come and redeem us with stretched out arms.

He makes the Sign of Thoth

Sh.: OH SAPENTIA, PISTIS SOPHIA, Thou who came out of the mouth of the most high, reaching from one and to another, mightily and sweetly ordering all things, come and show us the way of Understanding.

She makes the sign of Hathor.

Ma.: Let us give praise to he who is sublime above the heavens and of every nature Lord

He makes the sign of Horus

All: OH CLAVIS DAVID , SHARBITH ISRAEL, Though who open and no made can shut, who shuts and no man can open. Come and bring the prisoner out of the prison house and him that sits in darkness out of the shadow of death. All repeat the sign of Osiris and face East.

Ma.: El strong and Powerful. El, Lord of Light. Bestow on us thy grade that we in Unity with Thee may impart these Mysteries, which a Father only may bestow on a Son Initiate so that he shall become an Eagle and soar to Heaven and Contemplate your Face. It is beyond his reach that being beneath the sway of Death he should unaided soar into the Height, together with the golden sparkling of the Brilliancy that knows no Death. Grant, we beseech thee, most Merciful, that he may be holy even as Thou art Holy, that being made one with Thee he may draw all men unto thee. Amen.

They prostrate themselves and touch forehead to ground thrice.



Lights are extinguished and the door is set ajar. Bell is struck four times.

Pos.: approaches the door and knocks four times.

Kg.: (Opens door wide) By what Key would you unlock this door?

Pos.: holds out the spray of acacias and replies:

Pos.: My brow is like unto the King’s; my lips are opened and my heart is upon its throne.

Kg.: clasps his hand with the 6=5 grip, holds his other arm firmly just above the elbow, draws him into the dark room and guides him backwards in a spiral to the anteroom; he places him upright in the pastos and then binds him around the knees with the amber cord.

Kg.: The feet of Sothis are represented and you are born to their state of rest. Around the loins with the violet cord.

Kg.: You have inherited Eternity and everlastingness has been bestowed on you.

Around the heart with the Black cord.

Kg.: There is nothing hid which shall not be made manifest, nor buried which shall not be raised.

Around the head with the silver cord.

You shall be aware that you are the Son of the Father and you know that you are in the City of God and you are that City. Starting to revolve the wheel clockwise he withdraws, leaving the Pos. alone. The door is partly closed showing the Wheel of Fortune Key. One of the Officers reads clearly so that the Pos. may hear through the partially closed door: Harken now to the Mystery of the Tarot Key before thee and meditate thereon in thy heart. Is not the tarot itself named from the Rota the Wheel of Destiny–of Birth and Rebirth. Do not the radii spring from the white centre of the Divine Spirit, passing into the darkness of the womb of the Divine Mother? Even as the Life of man, even as the Life of the Worlds also, which alike pass ever from the Divine Faith into the Divine Mother, that being born of the Virgin they may be crucified upon the Cross of Manifestation and thence commit themselves again upon the Cross of the Father. Man indeed stands between the Spirit and Matter, between the Angel and the Animal. At the summit of his ascent we behold as in a glass darkly, that the Perfected Being whom our Fathers strove to represent in the Sphinx, compound of the four elements in balanced disposition–the intelligence of Man, the soaring spirit of the Eagle, the Fiery Heart of the Lion and the firm stability of the Bull. Born of the Spirit he must descend to Malkuth until he is clothed in the coat of skin–the Body which is prepared for him by the humble brothers of the Flesh. And thence shall he arise again bearing with him that creation which groans and travels together with him until now, awaiting redemption. The Twenty-first Path is the Intelligence of Conciliation and it is so called because it receives the Divine Influence which flows into it from its benediction upon all and each existence.

There is a long pause during which the Pos. must repeat to himself the Mantra given to him to learn in his preparation. While he does this he should continue to gaze at the revolving Wheel. In this interval the lights of the cross are arranged in the Portal and the tripod of salt is placed just within the entrance form the anti-room. The four stars much also be put ready. The green one by the salt, the blue on the tat, the Red on the Ankh and the silver within the Vault.




Earth born and bound, our bodies close us in, Clogged with Red clay, and shuttered by our sin –We must arise. Flowers bind round and grasses catch our feet, Bird songs allure and blossom scent is sweet–We must arise. Mountains may beckon and the seas recall: Cloud-forms delude and rushing streams enthral–We must arise. Planets encircle with their spiral light, Stars call us upward to our faltering flight–Thus we arise. Sun-rays will lead us higher yet and higher, Moon-beam our souls scorch with their purging fire, Thus we arise Into the Darkness plunge, fearless of pain; Coldness and silence cleanse us again–Still we arise Open ye Gates of Light, Doors open wide; Gaze we within at the Glories you hide–We have Arisen.



Kg.: enters and opens the door but does not withdraw the curtain. He points to the brown cloak, sandals and staff which lie on the floor and says:

The Ascent of the Mountain of Initiation must eve be toilsome. Each of us must pass through the Dark Gate of Death before we can attain the summit. Each must treat the fiery path of purgatory, tracing again therein the rescuing symbol of the cross marked therein by lines of flame by the lion of Fortitude. And to do this the initiate must also be the Hermit, the dweller in the desert, the pilgrim clothed in the brown habit of the earth, yet supported by the firm staff of steadfast will and aspiration seeing the light of inspiration which in due season he will receive from the hand of the Great Mother a spark of the Indwelling Glory which ever halls the holy places of humanity. Thus may he loose the binding cords of desire and lust, that he may truly dedicate himself body, soul, life and spirit to the living service and thus may he exchange the robe of Earthly Darkness for the wedding robe of Glory and attain the beatific vision. The 20th Path of the Sepher Yetsiarah is called the intelligence of Will and it is so called because it is the means of preparation of all and each created being and by this Intelligence of the secret of all the activities of Spiritual Beings and is so called because of the Influence diffused by it from the most high and exalted supreme Glory.




The Postulant should, without prompting step forth from the Pastos and take the brown cloak and put it, and the sandals on and take the staff in his right hand.

One bell sounds.

The door opens revealing a lion in the open doorway. Behind him stands the Shekinhah a lighted lantern in her hand. She holds this out to the Pos. Sh.: He that would be the greatest let him be the Server

Pos.: makes the 6=5 signs and lays his hands on the head of the lion. He takes the lantern and says:

Pos.: Server of Silence is my name.

Shekinah withdraws and the lion disappears thus revealing the tripod of salt. Pos. kneels on both knees, sprinkles salt on himself and says aloud: Pos.: Earth to Earth and body to body–in the name of ADONAI HA ARETZ Lord and King of Earth, I dedicate my body to the Service of the Highest.

He loosens the amber cord from his knees and lays it across the Salt. King of Salem comes forward and fastens the Green Star on his left knee and says: Kg.: And behold a Star in the West even Fomalhaut in his brightness and his rays shall be a guide to your feet.

Tripod is removed. Pos. moves forward, entering the Cross of Light. He passes betten the lines of light until his way his barred. He turns to the Tat Pillar with the bowl of water on the Top and a cup of white wine on the blue arm. He takes the cup and wets his lips with the wine and then pours the rest into the bowl of water. He falls onto the left knee and cries: Pos.: Water to Water and Soul to Soul in the Name of the Great Mother I dedicate my Soul to the Service of the Highest. He loosens the Violet cord from his lions and hangs it across the Tat. Sh. Comes forward and binds the blue star around his waist and raises him saying:

Sh.: Peace, Peace until him that is near, Let the Light of Sothis bring peace to the Soul.

Pos.: turns and goes to the Ankh pillar. He sprinkles incense on the flame and falls on his right knee and cries:

Pos.: Fire to Fire and Life to Life in the Name of Jah, everlasting , I dedicate my life to the service of the highest.

He loosens the Black Cord and throws it through the loop of the Ankh. King of Salem comes forward, raises him and binds the red star across his breast saying:

Kg.: Thy Heart is as the Heart of the Lion, and the Star of the King, even Regulus, shall burn on your Breast.

Pos.: turns back and is directed to approach the entrance to the Vault where the scarlet Mars on Green curtain hands. He raises the lantern on high, last his staff across the threshold before the curtain and cries:

Pos.: Light to Light and Spirit to Spirit in the name of that which not be uttered, I dedicate my Spirit to the service of the most high.

The curtain is withdrawn and Shekinah stands within the Vault. Her veil is now thrown back and she holds in both hands the crystal sphere upon which is the sigil of the Pos. is engraved or painted.

Sh.: I am He and He is I and Lo! The Creator has placed your crystal sphere within the starry heavens.

She gives him the sphere, takes the lanten and places on the right side of the altar. She then turns again and lossesn the cord about his brow saying:

Sh.: Let the Silver cord be loosed.

She lays the cord across the left side of the altar and takes the silver star and puts it about his brow saying :

Sh.: I have give unto thee the starry crown of Aldebaran that you may pass on to the Heavenly Path.



King enters Vault and directs Pos. to kneel in the doorway of the vault and draw the cowl of the pilgrims robe over his eyes. There is a pause. At the end of this time the bell sounds.

Pos.: is raised to this feet and dawn across the threshold with the 7=4 grip. The brown cloak is taken from him and laid aside. At his feet lies, a cross of Six squares and beyond this is the altar.

Kg.: The Father has given a commandment and the Son has made for me a spiritual body through his own soul. I am he who has travelled far and who has made the pilgrimage among the stars of heaven and to the Heart of the Great Mother. She gave birth to me because it was Her will to do so. I am Osiris, the first born of the Gods I have become a Divine being. I have renewed by youth as the Eagle. Behold I was watched and guarded but now I am released. Behold I was bound with cords but now my Crystal sphere is within the starry heavens. I have knowledge and I have Truth and movement is restored to my hands and feet. I have passed through the Gate of Fomalhut, I have come forth from the Star Stothis. I have received the heart of the Lion. I am crowned with the Crown of 72 rays. Now let my soul be called into Thy presence and my spirit be lain upon the altar. Oh my Father I have come before Thee and Thou have caused me to enter the hidden Abode. Strengthen Thou me as Thou has strengthen Thyself and show Thyself to Thy Son. Oh Thou who returns and withdraws Thyself, let Thy will be done.

Sh.: Oh Mystery which is without the worlds, because of which all has come into existence, this is the whole outgoing and the whole upgoing which has emanated all emanations and all that is therein, because of which all mysteries exist and all their regions. Come unto me, oh Thou who returns and withdraws himself. Come unto us for we are your limbs. Come unto us for we are all One with Thee. We are all one and the same. You are the Father and we draw nigh unto Thee, that you may receive this your Son. Strengthen him as you have strengthened Yourself and show Yourself to him that Your will be done. We clothe this, your son, in the shining robe of glory!

She puts the Robe on him and points to the cross on the floor.

Sh.: The last shall be first and the lowest shall be the highest. Malkuth shall be exalted into the Throne of Kether and all shall be consumed and become infinite and holy. The stone which the builders rejected, the same shall become the corner stone. The Cross of suffering is transmuted to the corner stone of the arch and raised above the Earth. The son shall offer that which he has received.

Sh.: And peradventure then shall he behold the face of his father.

The Pos. must fold up the Cross into a cube and kneel on it supported by the Sh. And the Kg. Pos. Holds his crystal in both hands and bends his head. There is a pause and then the Magus appears behind the veil.

Ma.: Be still my son. Here the praise giving that keeps the soul in tune–the Hymn of Rebirth–The song of Union, Be still my Son.

Thus shalt you know that He is Himself Both things that are and things that are not. The things that are He made manifest. He keeps things that are not in himself. He is the God beyond all name. He the unmanifest. He the most manifest. He whom the mind alone can contemplate. He visible to the eyes as well. He is the one of no body. The one of many bodies. No, rather He of Everybody. Nothing is there which He is not. For all are He and He is all. Be still my son.

Kg.: All are Thee. All are from Thee. O Thou who gives all and takes nothing. For You have all and nothing is there which You have not. You are whatever I may be. You are whatever I may do. You are whatever I may speak. For You are all and there is nothing else which you are not.

Sh.: You are that which does exist and you are that which does not exist. You are Mind when You think and Father when You make and GOD when you energize and Good and Maker of All.

Ma.: Be still my Son. For I will sing the praise of Him who founded all. Who fixed the Earth and hung up heaven. Who rules the sea. Who makes the fire to shine? It is He who is the Eye of the Mind. May He accept the praise of all our powers. Oh Life and Light, from us to Thee our praises flow Father. I give thanks to You the energy of all our energies. Take back from me the all into Thyself. From You, from Your will–to Thee the all. The all that is in us–oh life Preserve! Oh Light illumine! Oh Creator Inquire! Father of Lights in who is no shadow of turning receive Thy son.

Pos.: drops the Crystal into the Cauldron and raises his head. The veil is slightly parted and the Ma. touches the Pos. on the heart, lips, eyes and brow with the almond branch and then lays his hand for a moment on the head of the Pos. There is a pause. Then the Officers help him to rise and then the Kg. shows him the signs of the Grade.

Ma.: Son remember you have given your all even to the uttermost. There can be no separateness for thee. Bear this in mind when I give you the watchword of the Grade which is ACHAN which signifies Unity and the two numbers 13, which is the number of ACHAD and 31 which is the number of El, the Divine name of this Grade. And both these numbers conceal the number 4 which is manifestation. And I greet thee as MENES THEOROS the abider (Dweller) on the mountains. Remember then Oh Son that in thee shall be manifest the Unity of the Divine One. And in token thereof, let us call upon him in the fourfold, mystic and terrible name.

"A. EE. AE. OO."

MG intones AA.

SH intones EE.

KG intones AE.

POST intones OO.

Kg. tells the Pos. to remain kneeling at the altar as long as he desires The Veil closes and the Magus withdraws and all leave the Vault.