About Copyright


Some people with concern about the copyright had written me for more information about the permission that I might or might not have to publish this information over the internet.  They want to know if they can clone the material on their own websites.  So far what I know is that the text of the Golden Dawn lectures where never copyrighted, so they are on the Public Domain.  When people where initiated on the Golden Dawn they were swear to keep secrecy of all the knowledge that the Order will entrust them with.  So they never copyrighted the material, they where not expecting to published so it made no sence to do it so.  However the illustrations, notes, commentaries that Mr. Regardie and others had added to their version of these text can be and they are copyrighted.  Because of these I had remove every note,  commentaries etc. of modern authors leaving only the plain text with is on the Public domain, this mean that you can copy or print this material.


Also you have to consider that the purpose of Copyright laws is to allow those who have the copyright of a work to make profit out of it.  So if I give it to you for free I am not violating any copyright law.  I am sharing this information, not profiting from it.  Anyway if you are seriously concern about the copyrights of this material you should consult your lawyer, because copyrights laws over the internet are very controversial.


The Material of this site was scanned and altered from the following sources:


The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic


            New Falcon Publications (its out of print)

            Author is Israel Regardie

            From this source I took most of the Rituals and Lectures


Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn


            Destiny Publications

            Edited by Francis King

            From this source I took most of the Flying Rolls.


The Golden Dawn


            Llewellyn Publications

            Author is Israel Regardie

            From this source I took some parts of the Flyng Rolls missing on Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn.


Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn


            Castle Publishing

            Autor: Pat Zalewsky

            From this source I took the Lecture on the Kliphos and the Lecture on the Shemamphora (both parts).


The Seventh Ray “Blue Ray”


            Published by the Church of Hermetic Sciences (C.H.S)

            From this source I took Ritual H.



            It is shipper to by the books than printing the whole from the Internet.