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Welcome to
Hotel treasures!
Staff Page!

The Following Information will tell you something about the wonderful and talented people who spend their time making items!
For no pay just as I do! We all do it hear for the love of the game and to make others happy!
Treasures- Owner of the site
I was an artist for many years! Love to play video game! even had every video game system ever made!
Until my son talked me into getting a pc! Have had one ever since!
Then I got the sims game when it first game out! My son and I played it all the time together!
Then I started making things and wanted to share them! So I put up the sims universe on juno! Two days after the game came out!
I started taking request and found myself and my son doing nothing but making items!
Then I changed the name to the original sims universe! After another site came up and used the name the sims universe! Two years after I was up
Then I got to thinking That the stuff I make are treasures! LIke a pirate ship! The site is the ship and the stuff is the treasures!
Then Treasures for the sims and Hotel Treasures was born! I also paid to have the name trademarked!
After what happened before! So no one could us my name again!
We have been that ever since!
I have helped people (for free) to learn to make stuff!
I have made a lot of friends who are very dear to me!
I almost quite a couple of times!
But my dear friends asked me to stay and the e-mails of fans of the site were so kind and by saying how much my site meant to them!
All these years later I am still here making stuff! Hoping in my own small way to make their game playing more enjoyable!
If not for the e-mails and the friends telling me I make a difference in their lives I would have quite long ago!