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Okay....i know some people are going to be pissed off...cause i got a LOT of emails and a LOT of support...but I am closing dap down because of all the people who quit and because someone changed the password for me to access the server to allow me to update...HOWEVER...dap is not officially dead. I am taking part in a new site that has yet to be developed. The evolution of DAP is coming. and when it does, it will make DAP seem like a pee. This new site will be a awesome work of art. all staff members who didnt lose faith will be given posistions in the new site.

the new site will have a awesome new name and design. with small staff. We will contain all that dap has had....including games, resources, original work and so forth. But will also contain the comics page and a radio and more. Plus, the new site will contain dark matters translation of sm95 along with codemasons (with my rtp) translation of srm95. Ideas are coming up everyday to make it the BEST game making site on the internet (as we want to concentrate more then just on rm2k)

It is also unsure whether or not we will be using the systemoverload server. I hope we do, but time will only tell. All the people who submited to help dap WILL get their stuff posted on the new site, and if you want you can keep on submiting to help out at

This is a tough time for everyone, but DAP will return, we WILL dap has gone through many tough times, I think it is time to start from anew... so for now, you can chat about whatever in our forums until we get back on both feet.

You can find the forums here

I would just like to apologize to the ones i blamed...I was just a little mad at the time, and did was not thinking rationally. i do not think any of the people...especially syron, made the site die. it was dying on its own, and i hope that this problem can be resolved.

on a lighter note, you will love the new site, and the evolution shall begin!

MogtheMogri - webmaster and founder
Dark_Lord_Magus - webmaster and co-founder