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Where it all began

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AEF (Arts Education Fellowship Inc) began running Creative Arts Summer Schools over 50 Years ago under the auspices of the World Education Fellowship (WEF).
We are a not for profit organisation run by a committee of volunteers comprised of past students.

For over 40 years the Summer School took place at Frensham School in Mittagong approximately 2 hours from Sydney. Six years ago, we moved to our current location at Kinross Wolaroi in Orange, approximately 3 1/2 hours from Sydney. This was after an extensive program of correspondence with schools throughout NSW, and then subsequent visits to a number of these schools - a massive task in anyone's terms. We finally settled on Kinross Wolaroi because of the fantastic facilities available to suit our needs, and also because Quality Sporting Services run by Carl Sharpe and Beth Norrie who are our liaison with Kinross, offer such superb support.

Since our move to Orange various events in the outside world have influenced us to some extent - the introduction of GST, the recession, September 11, Gulf War II, and the public liability fiasco which sent many community groups into oblivion.

Over the years many hundreds of people have attended the summer school as students, tutors or both. Our philosophy is, and always has been, to cater for the creative development of those who have never experienced the creative arts to those who have a variety of experience. Practicing artists come along to develop skills in other areas of their art practice, tutors have often returned to be a student, and students have come back to teach . . . . and so it goes.

Some of the PEOPLE who have attended in one capacty or another include

  • Lilith Norman, Lloyd Rees, Lewis Miller, Wendy Sharpe, Carol Arthur, Patricia Gaut, Alan Tremain, Bob Bennetts, Michael Kempson, Gemma Black, Peter Minson, Elizabeth Cameron- Dalman, Tony Twigg, Sarah de Jong, Cameron Williams, Claire Locker, Emily Stackman, Peter Hall, Elaine Whitton, Vera Newsome, Alice Whish, Adrienne Crouch, Alan Somerville, Frederic Chepaux, Leyla Spencer, Petros Hovaghminian, Hal Holman, Tori de Mestre, John Webb, Willie Feinberg, Helen Warren, Jill Robinson, Gillian Hook, Tim Winters, Lyndall Hough

    Our TUTORS have

  • won the Archibald Prize, Churchill Fellowships, been inducted as a Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators, been invited to run workshops overseas, eg. Boston USA; teach at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, teach at various TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Colleges, have exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK; designed the Papua New Guinea flag; written books, illustrated books,composed music for film adn theatre, been an official war artist for the Australian Government; take art groups overseas, exhibited their work in many galleries around the world, exhibited in the Venice Biennale, Italy, been Artist in Residence in the Philippines, made films . . .

    This information is but a drop in the bucket in the history of the Summer School.
    We have run COURSES in

  • Art, drawing, mixed media drawing, painting, landscape painting, water colour, colour theory, pottery, jewellery making, paper making, basket weaving, sculpture, photography, calligraphy, story telling, dance, movement, voice, singing, acting, theatre, drama, creative writing, fabric art, fabric dyeing, textile art, wood carving, carpentry, pen and ink wash, glass blowing, glass modelling, miniature models, silk screen, silk painting, air brush painting, life painting, portrait painting, life drawing, batik, relaxing, fun, great holiday, friendship, life altering experiences.

    If you have information relating to past tutors or students, photographs etc, especially if you can identify people in your photos, it would be fantastic to build up a complete history of the summer school. Please feel free to post or email information to us to include on this site.

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    The site: Schoolfriends is worth looking at if you are interested in tracking down people from your past - schoolmates, workmates, etc. AEF and WEF have been added under CLUBS . This is only new, but over time hopefully it will grow so that you may be able to catch up with people you have met at the summer school. Attending the Creative Arts Summer School has been a life altering experience for many people.

    We have had people attending the Summer School from many places around the globe: France, Germany, USA, Korea, Japan, Vanuatu, New Zealand and all around Australia . . . Why not add yourself to that list?

    1. Portrait painting & life drawing
    2. Mosaic Madness
    3. Tromp L'Oeil
    4. Drama Workshop
    5. Leatherwork
    6. Creative writing
    7. Still life in Pastel
    1. Inscription in stone
    2. Sculpture
    3. Pottery
    4. Kite making
    5. Ways with wood
    6. Fabulous Fabric Journeys
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