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Tutor Guidance


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The AEF aims to help each person realise the potential to be his/her own unique self and to contribute to the welfare of others.
We believe that self-discovery is fostered in a relaxed and supportive environment where students may acquire basic skills and develop latent creativity through the pursuit of one of the courses offered in the arts and crafts.
Each course is planned to accommodate the needs of both beginners and those with previous experience.
The AEF is a non-profit making organisation run by a committee of volunteer past-students.
We believe that the following values are integral to the success of our Summer School and have included the practical implications of these values.


The study of a course in one of the arts or crafts provides an opportunity for students to develop their own creative response by assisting them to tap into their imaginations and to express ideas and feelings in a variety of ways. Creatively there is no notion of right and wrong, rather, appropriate and inappropriate. Each person's response or expression is valued for its individuality and integrity and in turn responded to just as individually by others.
Tutors will:

    be committed to assisting students develop their creativity
    structure their courses to provide a high degree of flexibility where students are encouraged to experiment
    keep rules and regulations to the minimum necessary to protect the rights and safety of all.

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By becoming aware of our own strengths, weaknesses, potential for expression, and abilities, we gain greater understanding of ourselves and others. We gain this awareness and growth by daring, by taking risks, by making mistakes, by experimenting and through play.
Tutors will:

    design all courses to include beginners as well as those with some experience
    encourage students to "have a go", take risks
    reinforce effort, experimentation and support initiatives suggested by students which will further this goal
    minimise the limitations placed on students.

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Working with others to develop the skills of an art or craft provides us with the opportunity of learning more about ourselves and about those with whom we interact. Consequently we learn more about our own potential for creativity and self-expression. By gaining greater understanding of ourselves and our fellow students we increase our understanding of others and of our world. An environment where value is placed on co-operation and shared activity is the one that best promotes understanding of others.

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Sharing ideas and skills with other students in workshops and having fun in other activities during the course of the school helps to build an atmosphere of support and warmth, assisting students to relate more easily to each other and increasing understandings. Such a context acknowledges the importance of the growth of the whole person whilst at the school.
Tutors will:

    behave in a way which exemplifies these values at all times
    value the differences found amongst their students and promote interaction and sharing of ideas
    encourage initiatives where groups of students work together on a common task
    encourage initiatives where students from two or more classes work together on a joint project
    monitor activities to ensure that there are no elements which may exclude or express disrespect for any group of people e.g. racist jokes, sexist activities, activities based on age
    encourage students to participate in either an exhibition of work or a performance, to allow other students at the school to gain insight into various courses.

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A significant aspect of the AEF Summer School over the years has been the variety of people who attend. In general, all age groups from 15 years have been represented, and many differences in cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, and employment backgrounds have provided a diverse student population. These differences have allowed students to mix with people whom they may not meet in the usual course of their lives. The opportunity to live and work beside people from differing groups promotes understanding and appreciation not only of differences but also those aspects of being human which are common to us all.
Tutors will:

    welcome and treat all students equally
    provide, in all courses, for beginners in the art or craft, as well as those with previous knowledge and/or experience.

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