Stonewall Jackson's Elbow.
Billheimer, John (author).
Sept. 2006. 378p. Five Star, hardcover, $25.95 (1-59414-462-1).
BOOKLIST REVIEW. First published August, 2006 (Booklist).

Risk analyst and part-time crime solver Owen Allison makes his fifth appearance (his first in three years) in this story of greed, fraud, and (why not?) romance. When a banker dies, government investigators discover a funds shortfall to the tune of a quarter of a billion dollars. The FDIC tries to recoup some of the loss by auctioning off the bankís assets, which include a Museum of Fakes and Frauds, but when the museumís beautiful curator vanishes, and strange things start happening to auction bidders, Owen figures itís time to step in and find out whoís responsible. Oh, and what the heck, to see if he canít find the missing multimillions, too. The Allison novels combine good storytelling with a complex hero, a man with multiple intriguing character facets. A welcome return for a series that fans might have begun to expect had ended prematurely.