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I dunno whats going on with our band. We haven't even really talked about it. Me and Merc are like totally interested in web design right now and not really thinkin about anything except 3 hot girls, our own sites, and band/snowboarding. A mix between those. Thats all I gotta say, I guess im a little grumpy, I have been online for 7 hours strait and its almost 4.00pm.

Ok, well i have my drums now so we can start the band. We had our first practice not long ago. It kinda sucked but hey its only the first practice. Me and Scott have been practicing and we came up with a beat and its pretty cool. lates.

Ok.. this part of the site is basicly going to have information and news on the band that im in.. Dont ask our name, because we dont have one right now. It used to be Insurgent, but then the whole band kinda didn't like it and stuff so.. we lost it. Anywayz.. this part will have what I said, news, information, pictures, updates and all that kinda stuff, so if your interested in the band, then keep in touch here and keep checkin back. By the way, the people who are in the band are as follows:

Brian Elsea // Guitar // Vocals
Stephen Challander // Drums
Juan Garcia // Bass
Scott Mitchell // Guitar // Vocals

Sups.. Well this is kinda late but I thought I might tell ya anywayz.. me and stephen had a practice a couple days ago. I dunno if it really was becuase it was only us two but like we made up some beats and everything.. lol. Thats how much our band isn't together, we haven't even practiced yet, were still waiting for everyone to get there stuff! Well.. just stephen and juan. Me and Scott have our guitars, stephen has a two piece drum set right now that is vedy crappy. Thats what we made the beats on, a symbol, and a snare.. sucks eh? If anyone wants to talk crap about us so far then email me at Universal If you have any ideas for names that doesn't include the plutonic solids.. pfft.. then email us too, ok I have to go work on more sections, peace!