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Submitted by: J Elson


Style: Lager

Brew Name: Mt. Angel Oktoberfest


OG: 1.058

FG: 1.013



7 lbs 	Alexanders Pale (light) Extract
1 lb 	Dry malt light
1 lb	DeWolf-Cosyns Cara Vienne Malt
1/3 lb	Special B Malt
1.5oz 	Tettnanger Hops (5.1 alpha) (75 min boil)
2 oz 	Mt. Hood Hops (5.6 alpha)(60 min boil)
.75 oz	Saaz Hops (5.4 alpha) (30 min boil)
.25 tsp	Irish Moss (15 minute boil)
Wyeast# 2308 Munich Lager (1 step propagation)



Crush the grains and soak them in 1 gal of 150F water for 55 minutes.  Sparge grains with 1 gal of 168F. Add the malt extract and bring to a boil.  Add tettnanger hops.  After 15 minutes add Mt. Hood hops.  Continue for an additional 30 minutes and add Saaz hops.  Continue for 15 minutes then add irish moss.  Cool, add to carboy to make 5 gallons, aerate wort, and pitch yeast.   After primary fermentation, rack to secondary and lager 3-6 months.