Track would be my life if I had the choice. I love it so much. The adrenaline rush and the fact that you're not on a team and you're trying to win for you are great. Let's see, I started in grade 7 only because we had to do it for gym. They put me in crappy events like the 800m because of my physique, but I soon took to jumping. I really liked triple jump in grade 8 and eventhough I did high jump, 100m, and 4x100m too I figured that triple was my event. By grade 9 I realized that I wasn't cut out for 100m and I reluctantly went into long jump. Turned out well becuase I beat the Rockyview School Divion records in long and triple. High jump just wasn't working for me yet. Grade 10 I stuck with these same events and again did well in everything but high jump. Grade 11 comes and I figured I'd give up high jump and do 100m again (I had thought that I was faster now than before), but I didn't. And I'm glad that I didn't! High jump turned out to be my best event and I placed 5th at provincials and set my personal best at zones (1.55m in comparisson to my 1.35m from previous years). And I shouldn't forget to say that my high jump approach (at the time) was from five steps; hardly a run. 4x100m was the most frustrating event of the year! Our divisional team was hit on the last leg by another team and we dropped the baton, we still came in second but didn't finnish with the baton. The other team should have been disqualified but we should have been too for not having the baton. Instead they let both our teams go to zones and have a second chance. At zones we subed in another runner for our second leg and she ended up falling and sliding across the rubber track. Unfortunately we were lost a lot of time here and placed low. From provincials that year I got to go the 2000 Alberta Summer Games. For not practicing or being in a club I did fine, but I still wish I would have practiced. From that summer all the way until May of my grade 12 year I couldn't wait to do track. I didn't care about the other jumps but I really wanted to do high jump (and 4x100m to prove that we could do it). Our 4x100m team finally made it to zones and then provincials. We got our asses kicked there but we improved our time by enough to be happy. As for high jump, I again beat my PB at zones and went to provincials. I was upset with how I jumped at provincials though. I came in 5th, but my height should have been higher than it was. Finnishing without feeling satisfied with my jumping put the pressure on about whether to join a club or not. All I want to do is high jump and nothing else, but I don't know if I will. In grade 9 I was the aggregate female and in grades 10-12 I was female MVP. Well so far that's been my track carrier, I hope it continues...

Grade 7 8 9 10 11 Games 12
Events 4x100m 4x100m 4x100m 4x100m 4x100m 4x100m 4x100m
  Triple Triple Triple Triple Triple Triple Triple
  High High High High High High High
  800m 100m Long Long Long Medley Long
      Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics

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