So many movies... and I've honestly seen all of these in the last couple years (and these don't count rented movies). I took all my ticket stubs and listed them off:

99/06/16 Austin Powers 2 - hadn't seen the first one yet, but still funny.
99/08/09 The Blair Witch Project - glad I didn't pay for it.
99/08/20 Sixth Sense - definate must see.
99/09/04 Bowfinger - never again.
99/09/25 Stigmata - a gooder.
99/10/10 Big Daddy - saw it for a buck and I laughed through it!
99/11/05 House On Haunted Hill - should've rented it instead.
99/11/06 Three To Tango - alright, rented it again too.
99/12/23 Any Given Sunday - do you like football?
99/12/30 Talented Mr. Ripley - I liked it... some didn't.
00/01/27 Down To You - "scratch, scratch"... never drink shampoo!
00/02/23 The Whole Nine Yards - funny, seen it again and again.
00/02/24 The Hurricane - Awesome!
00/03/11 Missions To Mars - don't remember.
00/03/24 Pitch Black - space crap.
00/03/25 The Hurricane - good enough to see again!
00/04/22 Ready To Rumble - Glenn made me see it.
00/04/29 Love And Basketball - AWWWWW! Loved it!
00/05/05 Keeping The Faith - cute, but still okay, not good, just okay.
00/05/12 Center Stage - lotsa dancing- which is good for a dance movie.
00/05/27 Mission Impossible 2 - cool glasses, too damn predictable.
00/06/10 Gone In 60 Seconds - cheap car movie.
00/06/16 Boys And Girls - don't know why I saw this.
00/06/30 Chicken Run - RUN CHICKENS RUN!
00/07/07 Scary Movie - oh too funny.
00/07/27 What Lies Beneath - good!
00/09/01 The In Crowd - can't remember.
00/09/09 Bring It On - never again, well maybe, but it's pretty bad.
00/10/07 Get Carter - for the life of me- I can't think of what this one was.
00/10/08 Meet The Parents - funny, rent it!
00/10/21 Ladies Man - SNL!
00/10/30 Remember The Titans - inspirational... that's about it.
00/11/03 Charlie's Angels - what do you expect?
00/11/23 The Grinch - well... hmmm, it's Dr. Seuss.
00/11/24 Bounce - it's not called BOING! (Ben Affleck)
00/12/15 Dude Where's My Car - quick look over there.
00/12/30 Family Man - kinda rusty, but I think I'll have to rent it again.
01/01/02 Cast Away - need to see on a big screen.
01/01/03 What Women Want - men pay attention, lol.
01/01/04 Men Of Honour - another inspirational one.
01/01/06 Along Came A Spider - crazy ending... but predictable.
01/01/13 Save The Last Dance - not sappy, good story line, but she has too fat of legs for ballet!
01/01/19 13 Days - something I watched for social.
01/01/26 The Wedding Planner - muh, whatever.
01/01/30 Snatch - could hardly understand him, but very funny- a gooder!
01/02/09 Hannibal - great- stood in line and everything.
01/02/24 Traffic - loved it and will rent it again.
01/03/02 The Mexican - not bad... don't need to see it again, but I might.
01/05/06 Town And Country - muh, whatever.
01/05/18 Exit Wounds - good ol' Canadian movie in the "U.S.A.".
01/05/24 Heartbreakers - see it once and never again.
01/05/26 Pearl Harbor - Ben Affleck plus the movie was good... definatly need to own it!
01/06/01 Shrek - over rated, but still oh so funny!
01/06/27 The Fast And The Furious - it was a good car movie with a plot and everything!
01/07/11 Scary Movie 2 - not very funny… not like the first one at all!
01/07/21 Jurassic Park 3 - a lot better than the second but not as good as the first.
01/07/29 America's Sweethearts - Billy Crystal was funny, but that's about it.
01/08/03 Princess Diaries - blah!
01/08/10 Rush Hour 2 - I can't believe the stuff Jacquie Chan does!
01/08/16 American Pie 2 - Funny, but a lot like the first.
01/08/24 Rat Race - Soooo funny! Must rent it again and again!
01/08/31 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Gotta see all their other movies first.
01/09/02 The Others - Just wierd, not scary except for this one part that made me jump.
01/10/05 Joy Ride - Started really slow, middle was okay, ending sucked... but real funny!
01/11/02 Thir13en Ghosts - real scary in theaters... not the best movie, but scary enough!
01/11/07 Monsters, Inc. - not as good as Shrek but still funny and real cute.
01/11/09 Riding in Cars with Boys - an amazing true story but crapy movie (no Erin Brockovich).
01/12/21 Vanilla Sky - Tom Cruise was great and the movie backed him up.
01/12/25 Ali - Will Smith was good, but it was long and didn't keep my interest throughout.
01/12/30 Lord of the Rings - very good... not my favorite type of movie but still great!
02/01/04 Oceans Eleven - good movie with an even better cast... must rent again and again.
02/01/18 Black Hawk Down - "Rah rah Americana... lets be gorier than the last war movie."
02/01/26 I am Sam - I had high expectations for it and it was all I hoped it would be!
02/02/15 Crossroads - why did I see a Britney Spears movie?
02/03/02 40 Days and 40 Nights - total guy movie, but with hot guys for the ladies.
02/03/23 Ice Age - funny kids movie, not like Shrek though!
02/03/29 The Rookie - it could have been good, but it wasn't!
02/04/12 Changing Lanes - Ben Affleck was great! And the movie was well worth it! A definate must see.
02/05/03 Spiderman - it was good, but would have been better if he had stayed the "Human Spider"!
02/05/12 Unfaithful - first half was porn, second was murder... glad it was a cheap ticket.
02/05/24 Insomnia - real good! I'll definately see it again... a good, twisted movie.
02/05/31 About a Boy - started as good British comedy and then turned sappy.
02/06/01 Sum of All Fears - good movie and of coarse Ben Affleck saved the day!
02/06/12 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - Ya-blah, no good, end of story.
02/06/14 Scooby Doo - funny stuff, but the cartoon was still better.
02/06/16 About a Boy - funny British comedy that turned sappy.
02/06/28 The Bourne Identity - good concept, but horribly done. Still, good acting on Damons part!
02/07/05 Men in Black 2 - can't expect it to be as good as the first, but it was funny.

Well that's all... for now anyways.

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