I grew up with gymnastics as my life. From age 3-14 I participated in the sport. At 3 years old, I was signed up for ballet classes (held in the gym club in Winnipeg), but they were cancelled so they asked if I would like to join gymnastics. From then on I was always "the tall girl". How I managed to still compete when I was 5'10'' is beyond me. Spending the majority of my competitive career in the Airdrie club I made a ton of life-long friends.With training up to 13 hours a week we all had to be close. At age 14, I, and a group of the girls I had trained and competed with, had decided to retire. It's sad but true... the life of a gymnast: retired at 14, but the love for the sport will never leave. Afterwards, the "retirement group" took up judging and later a bunch of us went on to coach. Non gymnasticy people don't understand the love we actually have for the sport... if any of us could, I'm sure we'd each say that we'd go back to competing!


The Retirement Group

Arianne deCocq (even though she's still competing, she still left our club at the same time to join a bigger and better one)
Lesley Erickson
Courtney Harris
Tracy Simpson


Me, Lesley, Tracy, Ginger, and Arianne after a hard training day.

With all this hard work we need our play.

Lesley, Tracy, and me at the year end BBQ.

Just swinging.

The sacred foam!

Court, me, Les, and Arianne lookin' good!