Our Summer Basketball Team - 1999

Janel, me, Elisha, April, Sarah, Alyssa, Charissa, Breanne, Mara, Tammy, Claire, and Courtney

Courtney, Sarah, and me around the pool

April, Sarah, Alyssa, and me in the Ocean in California

Gotta love Nike

Fun stuff

How the hell does this work?!


All the gals: Happy New Year's!

Claire, Tammy, and Janel just having fun this New Year's 2000/2001.

Orlando took a tour of Airdrie!

Action shot!

Sarah with her drink at one of Tine's parties. Notice all the fridge magnets upside down... Ross you wouldn't have anything to do with that, right!?

The Cheshire Cat... ohhh!

Court and me out at the bar having a good time.

What do you do when you see a T-Rex?! FREEZE (inside joke)!

These two... jeeze! Camera hogs, lol!

Don't they make you want to take a nap!