Dominican Republic Trip...

February 16-24, 2002:
My family and I went on vacation to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. It was an amazing experience- the culture, the food, the entertainment, the whether, etc. I definately didn't like coming home to the -40 degree blizard here in Calgary. To remember the most memorable moments I've put them here and hopefully I can get our "jeep safari tour" video on sometime too.

This is our "Fun Royal" resort.

Our pool for when we just want to hang out in the sun.

Me, my sister, and my mom getting our hair done.

Stines hair all done after about an hour of waiting.

Me down at our beach in the gorgeous weather.

Playing volleyball with some crazy Edmontonians.

Stine and mom at the market showing off the flowers.

Holding a snake and bird... man I hate birds!

On our jeep safari tour they let us watch a "safe" cock fight.

An owl living in the work shop where they carve figurines from petrified wood.

Standing at the waterfall after we climbed 7 of the 21 falls (not with ladders). Awesome tour!

These kids ran out to our jeep to ask for candy or food... this was sad and hard to see.

And now on the other hand here are the rich people of the Dominican... it's real sad- from one extreme to the next.

This guy didn't speak English but he had a 12 year old boy translate for him to "woo" my sister. Too funny, so I had to take a picture.

Out at a street carnival.

The crazy, drunk German guy that came along on the street carnival outting.

Our own personal gazeebo in our new hotel (only spent one night here before going home).

The ritzy fountain.

Dressed to go home.

Don't want to leave, but here's the last of the Dominican!

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