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Friday, June 08
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Daily Intermediate

Digest lesson

How did you do on this week's Scavenger Hunt? Could you find the answers? Check your answers below:

Englishtown offers a course in TOEFL preparation. What does TOEFL stand for?
Test of English as a Foreign Language Englishtown also offers a course to prepare for the TOEIC exam. What does TOEIC stand for?
Test of English for International Communication How can you measure your progress when you are taking Englishtown courses? With check-up tests and report cards.

Fit As A Fiddle

Read the text below, paying close attention to the words in red.

Andrew : Hey John! What's new? I haven't seen you in a while.
John : I've changed my lifestyle. I'm a new man.
Andrew : You look great!
John : I feel as fit as a fiddle. I lost twenty pounds, and I feel ten years younger!
Andrew : That's wonderful. Let's have a drink and a hamburger after work for old times sake. You can tell me how you did it.
John : No, I'm a vegetarian and a teetotaler now. But why don't you join me at the cafe for a cup of Darjeeling?
A new man I have changed completely
Teetotaler A person who doesn't drink alcohol.
Darjeeling A kind of herbal tea.


Choose the best answer.

1. After jogging four ______, he quit because he was tired.
high risks

2. People who smoke are _______ for lung disease.
at high risk


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