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King Bowser's Realm

King Bowser's Realm

The Great Bowser, King of the Koopas!

Welcome, foolish mortals! Through some bizarre twist of fate, you have fallen into my clutches MWAHAHAHAHA!!! But don't worry, I MIGHT let you live, if you take some time to look through my website. It started out small, but it's slowly growing. Here you will find a few fan fictions, MIDIs and all sorts of other assorted and sundry. So gaze in awe at the awesome might of the Koopa King! Of course you COULD try to leave...the lava pits haven't been used lately, and I'm sure you'd fit RIGHT IN! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Feast Your Eyes and Tremble at My Power!

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Read works of Mario fiction by yours truly and other beings Everything you never wanted to know about the Campfire Gang!
New or Updated All the awards I've won!  Go see how amazing I am! Thieves Beware!
New or Updated Read my online journal and discover the innermost thoughts of King Koopa! Listen to tunes from various games and other things I find interesting. New or Updated
New or Updated Go see pics of us Koopas and occasionally the (ugh) good guys! Curious about some of my colleagues in the bad guy business?  Then look here for info on them.
New or Updated My Past Updates...if you're into that sorta thing Click here to visit other interesting (though inferior) web sites! New or Updated

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Looking at the hits There have been prison--er, visitors to my site as of January 25, 2001 (Earth years).

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Burn baby burn!Burn baby burn!