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Freemasonry -  Masonry v's Non Masons

Welcome to Freemasonry Pro’s & Cons.

The purpose of this site is to summarise the generally accepted masonic definition concerning a host of issues which are relevant to Freemasonry. An opposing, anti masonic point of view will also be presented along side each topic listed.

Freemasonic symbols and passwords will be discussed together with the dress, ritual and penalties associated with the Entered Apprentice through to Master Mason and beyond.

It is hoped it will be of interest to the mason and non masons alike, especially for the layman who may be considering entering Freemasonry.

While it is appreciated that Freemasonry relies upon an element of mystery to attract its members the aim of this site is to present an element of balance. However, to do so requires the discussion of issues which typical freemasons would normally avoid.

Many sites fall into one of two categories. The pro masonic site written by the keen master mason or the anti masonic site written by a devout opponent of Freemasonry. Both points of view are presented here on the same page. The intention is such that reader is free to develop their own opinions concerning masonry without having to hunt around for information.

This site is under construction as of 01.12.00. It will continue to grow and include many more aspects which relate to Freemasonry other than those currently shown.

It is intended to be complimentary to another site, entitled Freemasonry - The men of Ninive, which was read with great interest and which has been the subject of lively discussion in some of the Freemasonic clubs. Some of the information obtained from freemasonic members as a result of these discussions has been included in this site.

For this reason it essentially follows the same format as the other site although an element of balance has been added.

Readers are encouraged to visit the website, shown below. It contains heavy photographic content of places relevant to masonry which will be of interest to masons and non masons alike.


Please contact me at with your views on this site. ( Unfortunately there has been a mix up concerning the previous e mail address. Please contact me at the new address above. 23.01.01)

In addition, if you have a category which you would like to see added, for or against Freemasonry, please write the desired text for the appropriate section and include references such that the information may be verified. In this regard please do not make these references obscure such that verification is difficult or overly time consuming to complete.

Comments concerning Freemasonic initiation beyond the degree of master mason will be especially considered. Particularly the highest degrees of Masonry.

Regarding oaths which may have been taken by Masonic contributors. If the information is contained in, for example, an official Freemasonic Encyclopaedia or a publication by the Masonic Press, no oath can be considered as having been broken.


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