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Lancashire are the British Counties Champions for 2000. In the Final against Middlesex in Nottingham on November 26th 2000 they won by 5 wins to 1, with 10 draws. There was an eventful start to the match as the Middlesex team fell foul of the crisis on the rail network, arriving in Nottingham two hours late. However, there was still time to complete the match, and a fine victory for Lancashire.

Results of the Ronald Bumby Tornament held in Altrincham on Saturday 11 November 2000. The first three placings were as follows: -

1. F. Bednall

2. D. Roberts

3. F. Buckby

All scored 9 points from 6 rounds.

The honour points were 40,39,38 so it was pretty close.

The final four games of the Challenge Round of the Lancashire Championship 2000 (closed) between Donald Oliphant and Frank Bednall took place on Sunday 15 October at John Reade's House.

The winner was Donald Oliphant by three games to one, with three draws. Thus Donald is the new Lancashire Champion. Congratulations, Donald!

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