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Lezlie Kinyon Workshops for September 2004

Dreams and Creativity (Weekend)

Workshop will soon be announced. Stay tuned!

For registration information, email me

I will send you a registration packet and information.

BIO: Lezlie Kinyon, PHD candidate, Saybrook Graduate School

San Francisco, CA. I am a researcher, writer, poet and artist.

Dreams are the Royal Road to the unconscious. Dreams are a language of myth and symbol uniquely your own and provide a well of creativity and wisdom to draw upon for self-learning, growth and to inspire us in our lives.

I am presenting a workshop in dreams, dreaming & creativity. Hands-on, experiential, fun/serious using myth symbol ritual and your creative ability for expression and self-exploration.

My work is based in the research of Stanley Krippner, David Feinstein and Allan Combs, leaders in the fields of dreams and creativity studies. Anyone interested in dreams and dreaming is welcome! This work has also proven itself to be very useful for writers, musicians, and artists of many varieties as well as “just ordinary folk” who are interested in their dreams. It is very magical and very powerful! (Note: I do tailor this somewhat based upon the interests of the students who attend.) Participants come away with a “tool-kit” of sorts to assist in understanding and using their dreams for understanding their inner symbolic language and utilize this understanding for growing as a human being and for creative expression.

To schedule a workshop in your area, please contact me by email

Stay tuned for more information on future workshops, publications & links to dreams & dreaming.

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Thank you, Lezlie

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Our mission at Myth and Culture is to enable people to find multiple meanings in what seems to be a meaningless world. We do this through the study of mythology and archetypal psychology both within the cultural psyche and within the individual psyche, weaving back and forth between the two.

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