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Rusalka Moon by Cenizas de Rosas. Vasily left the village of Paraska with dreams of the glory of war. As for the girl he'd left behind, she'd wait. But without Vasily, Valasha forgot how to live. Seduced by the song of the river and the promises of the Vodany who lived there, she prowled the wild wood and river. Hoping to snare her immortal soul, the Vodany waits while Vasily wanders...

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Craving more adventure than his small Russian village can give him, Vasily goes to war. He promises his girlfriend, Valasha, that he'll be back by winter, but winter comes and goes more than once. By the time he returns, Valasha has been dead for a year, and she's become one of the Rusalky--soulless, death-bringing maidens residing in the river, whose souls are imprisoned by the merciless Vodany and whose visits to the village fields for moonlight dancing are said to bring good luck. When a spying Vasily sees Valasha dancing under the moonlight, he realizes that he cannot move on without her. Despite temporal cues (e.g. a story involving a traveling university student) this fantasy feels as timeless and classic as the tale of Russian witch Baba Yaga. De Rosa's effective use of detail creates a rich cultural tapestry that enhances the story beyond its plot and haunting images. Featuring creatures from Russian mythology and a bit of Christian lore, this chilly first novel and well-produced ebook original is a real find for fantasy and adult fairy tale readers.

--- The Library Journal, November 2001

"It makes you smile, and then it makes you cry. It sends a shiver up your spine and puts a warm feeling in your heart at the same time. ...Wonderful."

- Thea Kinyon, (The Dust Collection)

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Cenizas de Rosas is my "alter ego", she lives a far more interesting life than I do. Born in Curacao of Italian and Russian descent, she is a folklorist, storyteller & song catcher. Quite tall (as I am not), accomplished in the arts, dark, (as I am not), she also drives a Mazerati at breakneck speeds, and is rarely at home. Having spent the last six months touring Tibet and seeking wisdom in the Himalayas, she is currently flying via Indeterminate Means Air to the area wherein "Rusalka Moon" is set in the Carpathian Mountains in order to collect more such tales. She is staying in the picturesque Paraska Inn -- unfortunately, Cenizas is very camera shy, and hence, there are no photos. It is possible that the cover artist of "Rusalka Moon", Thea Kinyon, has a line drawing of her. I will inquire. I, on the other hand, am an academic and a fiber artist. I was born in the Pacific Northwest, and am currently living in the environs of Berkeley, Ca. where I am working on my Ph.D. dissertation. I have just returned from a conference in the systems sciences held at Asilomar where I delivered a paper entitled "Sauntering Wild on the Mountaintop: Toward a Theory of Aesthetic Inquiry". It can be found in the 2001 proceedings at When I am not writing or researching something, I like to cook and to garden. Yours, Lezlie Kinyon (for Cenizas de Rosas)

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I was entranced and riveted. Never a dull moment throughout the story. A fairytale for grown-ups, the stuff legends are made of.

- Sincerely, Mrs. Dorothy Paula Freda

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This is a beautiful book that, in olden times would have been bound in scarlet and gold. A treasure to be read over and over when the cold winds blow and the fire burns low in the hearth. Just reading it brings on those feelings of enchantment and wonder. It is a book of dark deeds and passion that will keep you reading long into the night. Cenizas de Rosas is an author worth remembering!

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