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Debben's Page

Hey ur visiting my page, I supose u want to know who's page it is but Darren Bylin, doesn't want to give his name out on the internet, nor do i wanna give out that I live in North Dakota, or that I am blond, 6'3", 165 lbs, or I'm 16 years old, or that I go to school at Adams Edmore High School. I'm very very sorry. Nevermind I'm turning into my dad, ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I like to ride snowmobile, dirtbike, and I like long romantic walkes on the beach. I used to like snowboarding until I broke my kidney in half!!!! Umm what else? umm if ya wanna see a picture of me its a couple of inches down, and there are a couple more on some of my links.

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