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The Ranks

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These are all the ranks in this Clan.
How to Improve in Rank




Commander Only one )2ascal(DL)


Promoted by Commander

Lt. General Promoted by Commander

Major General

Promoted by Commander

Brigadire General Promoted by a General or higher rank


Promoted by a Lt. General or higher rank

Lt. Colonel

Promoted by a Major General or higher rank


Promoted by a Brigadire General or higher rank


Promoted by a Colonel or higher rank

1st Lieutenant

Promoted by a Lt.Colonel or higher rank

2nd Lieutenant

Promoted by a Major or higher rank

Sergeant Major 75 wins
8 weeks in clan

Master Gunnery Sergeant 65 wins
7 weeks in clan

1st Sergeant 55 wins
6 weeks in clan

Gunnery Sergeant 45 wins
5 weeks in clan

Staff Sergent 35 Wins
4 weeks in clan

Sergeant 25 wins
3 weeks in clan

Corporal 15 wins
2 weeks in clan

Lance Corporal 10 wins
One week in Clan

Private First Class 5 wins

No Chevron

Private Entry Level Position