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What's New at Bunny's World

June 19, 2002

I finally found some time to add new pictures. We are so busy fixing up the house and planning the wedding, I haven't had time to think straight. Spot finally has new pictures on the bunny pics page. You can also see the latest photos of Brandy and Maria on their doggie pages.
For all those dog lovers out there, I want to share a very special quote I came across. It is equally true of all pets. Please treat your pet with the dignity and respect it deserves. "The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind." Theodorus Gaza

April 27, 2002

Just had a quick second to add some cute rabbit pictures to the cartoons page. Spot is happy to report that he has had some very cute pictures taken of him, and they will be appearing on the website shortly! Bunny hugs from Fatty and Spottie.

March 26, 2002

It is getting very close to Easter, the day for rabbit celebration. It is true that I love my bunnies more than anything, but they do not always make the best pets. Anyone considering buying a rabbit as an Easter present should check out the link below. Thousands of bunnies purchased at Easter time end up being abandoned, put down, or "released". This could be avoided by doing some research on rabbits before making a purchase.

February 27, 2002

Not much news. Moo's site has received another award. Click on the award to be linked to a cool website. On a more personal note, we have bought a house, so we will have a back yard for Maria and a whole downstairs "play room" for the bunnies! Fatty and Spot could not be happier.

February 10, 2002

It has been such a long time since I have worked on Moo's site! I can't believe how busy I am with school and work. I will be graduating from the Animal Health Technology program in May, and I hope I will have a LOT more time from updates then. Right now I have added a couple of new pictures of Brandy under his page. There is also an adorable pic of Brandy and Sammy on the cats' page. Thank goodness Varmie and Sam seem to be liking Brandy better now that he has grown up a bit. Brandy and my dog Maria are the best of buds, and love to visit each other. I have many cute pictures of them together, but will not be able to put them on the site until the summer, when I have access to a scanner.
I have started a new page with pictures just of my bunnies. Many of them are of Moo and Fatty from years ago, but I will keep adding new and cute pictures of Spottie and Fat as I get more. Please go check out all the updates. I hope everyone and their bun has a Happy Valentines' Day!

July 19, 2001

I am sorry, I have been neglecting the site latley! I have been so busy lately, with my summer job, then moving to a new place, and getting our new doggie Maria! Maria is now settled into our family. You can check out cute pictures of her, click on Maria's section under Moo's Friends. I hope you enjoy meeting Maria. I promise to update more regularily from now on! : )

May 13, 2001

I have added two more sites to Moo's links page. These are both very important websites which have to do with animal health and welfare right around where I live. The first is the Veterinary Cancer Institute, which raises money for treatment of animals with cancer. The second is the Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection. They are a non-profit, no-kill society which finds homes for small domestic animals. Please go check out these wonderful sites, and help them out in any way you can!
On a more personal level, we will be getting our adopted dog, Maria, on May 30! Yay, we are so happy! She has come to my apartment a couple of times for a visit, but now she will be living with us for good. I have some pictures of her, so you can come by and check them out after the long weekend. There will also be more cute bun pictures of Moo, Fatty McGee and Spot.

April 30, 2001

My main page was getting very crowded, so I wanted to clean it up a little. I made a page called Webrings and Clubs, which gives links to all the different ones I belong to.

April 29, 2001

Hi everybunny! I guess you all know that I think Moo is the greatest princesss that ever lived. I've entered her is a contest, against many other very cute and adorable bunnies. You can vote for my Mooster (or the other buns) by following the link below.

April 25, 2001

Four more cute and cuddly bunny pictures have been added to the cartoon and picture page. Check them out, it'll make ya smile!

April 19, 2001

This is a minor update. New pictures have been added to my cute cartoons and pictures page. I have made a change to that page. I will put cute pictures of any animal, not just bunnies!

April 18, 2001

This isn't really an update, more of an apology. I haven't had any time to work on the site lately, and I probably won't be able to until after my final exams are finished. I hope everybunny had a Happy Easter!

April 10, 2001

I have just added another page onto the site. It's going to contain any cute bunny cartoons or pictures I come across. The first (and only) picture on the page was emailed to me. I just want to warn you that some people may find it a little graphic. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

April 5, 2001

The bunny behavior page is up and running! It's just started, so I don't have a lot of stories yet, but I hope people will email me more. Link onto the new page called Bunny Behavior from our main page, under the heading Other Cool Stuff.

April 2, 2001

We have great news at our house. We are adopting a new dog! Her name is Maria, she is a Rottweiler cross. Maria was hit by a car, and both of her back legs were broken. Her owners did not want to pay the bill, so Maria has been living in a vet clinic for about 5 months. She is rehabilitated, and is now ready to join our home. The good thing is that she is used to small animals, and will get along with our bunnies Spotty and Fatty well!
Sorry this update wasn't actually about something new on the page, but it is exciting for me! Check back soon for more updates, as well as more info and pictures about Maria!

April 1, 2001

Welcome to my new updates page. This is the place to come to find out what new info has been added to Bunny's World. Today I have added another award that can be won, and hopefully made the other awards better!
I would like to add a page of crazy/silly/funny/cute bunny behavior to the site. If you have a story about your bunny, please email me at When I have enough stuff gathered, I will post the new page.

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