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Caper, the Big Fella

One of Moo's greatest friends was our Bouvier des Flandres, Caper. He was our family dog for 13 years, and we couldn't have asked for a more loyal or loving guy. Caper was a bit of a trouble-maker in his earlier days! He ate many shoes, hoses, books, and even a leather jacket when he was a puppy. And toilet training him was a night-mare. We got so excited when Caper did his "business" in the yard, he refused to do it anywhere else, even on day-long car trips.

Caper enjoyed many of the finer things in life. He dearly loved to share a peanut butter bagel with his dad at lunch. For fun, we used to do taste tests with Caper, to see which foods he liked best. We would set up a plate of ice cream, and one of chicken, and see what one he picked. I think Caper's all-time favorite food was probably cheese. He could hear a cheese wrapper opening form a mile away! But what Caper loved most in life was to go for a walk. He thought the park in our town was his personal playground. In it, he was the Great White Hunter.

We were all devastated when Caper got sick in 1999. It is so hard to let go of an old friend. He was always a stoic dog, and this didn't change one bit when he got sick. He still went for his walk everyday, right up until the end. He grew up with me, and losing him was like losing a brother, and for my parents, like losing a child. Now, more than a year later, we still miss Caper. We have many years of happy memories with him. Of all our pets, I think Varmie misses him the most. He was so proud to be Caper's "brother".

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