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Varmie and Sammy

Varmie and Sammy are the cats of the household. We got Varmie from the local SPCA when he was just a kitten. He was a trouble maker right from the start! I had him in my apartment with me while I was going to school. When I came home at the end of the day, he would have the hugest messes waiting. In all his spare time, he figured out how to open the cupboards and freezer. It was clear that Varmie had a lot of energy, so I thought it would be best to give him to my parents, so he could go outside whenever he wanted. It was the right choice, as Varmie spends almost all his time outside, especially in the summer.

Sammy was a stray cat who hung around our door. We were already feeding one stray, and so adding Sammy was no problem. We were very worried about both cats, since the winter was very harsh that year. Lucky for us, Sammy made it through the winter and became our cat! Sammy now spends very little time outside. On summer days, he may venture out unto the verandah for a nap in the sun. In fact, Sammy sleeps about 22 hours a day! But we love him, and we are glad he chose us as his family!

Varmie was a little leary of Sammy at first. They get along very well now, thank goodness. They like to play fight together. At first, Sammy always let Varmie win. But now, Sammy is about 6 pounds heavier, and he can kick Varmie's little butt! Varmie is still the 'number one' cat, as he is the more dominant of the two. Its sweet to see the way Sammy looks up the Varmie, almost as if Varmie is his big brother. Both cats love to sleep indoors, next to the warm bodies of their family. Every now and then, they may even lie down for a nap together.

This next picture shows Sammy doing what he does best: lounging on the verandah!

Here is a recent picture of Varmie. He loves to sit at the kitchen table with us when we are eating.

Both cats still don't like Brandy too much. Varmie is trying though, and he will go on walks with Brandy. Hopefully I will soon have some pictues of Brandy and the kitties together!

Finally, the cats are getting used to Brandy! Here Sammy is taking part in his favorite past-time, napping, and Brandy has decided to join him!