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Our New Bunny Spot

In school, I have to do 3 labs at the local SPCA. When the first group of girls came back, I learned that there were bunnies ready for adoption there. We decided that it was time for Fatty to have a new friend. When we got there, there was about 10 rabbits up for adoption. At first, I picked a small black bunny that seemed very friendly. But a persistant little white and black spotted bunny kept trying to get my attention. I thought he looked to much like Moo, so I was worried that it would be to weird to adopt him. But he was such a sweet little thing, I knew I couldn't leave him there.

Spot now fits into our family quite well. Since he was neutered, he and his new sister Fatty McGee are getting along quite well. They have recently moved into the same cage, and seem to be enjoying their snuggle time immensley. Even when they are out of their cage, which is whenever I am home, they love to be together cuddling. Spot is a bit of a funny guy. He is very sweet, with a heart of gold. But some times he does strange things, like attack walls. We wonder what his life was like before we adopted him. I am just happy that he is now a part of our family.

Fatty and Spot taking a little nap together. They never seem to get sick of each other (unless Spot tries to eat Fatty's food).

This picture of Spot and I was taken when we first brought him home!

Do you have a question for Spot? Maybe you have a bunny who would like to talk to him. You can now write to Spot at the email address he shares with Fatty McGee.

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