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All About Fatty McGee

Fatty McGee was born on December 24, 1997. She and Moo did not get along so well at first. To be honest, Moo was very jealous of Fatty, and let her know she was not wanted. Moo was also a little bit of a horny toad around Fatty. Because of this we were sure Moo was a boy. In February 1998, we had Moo spayed, and surprise!, she was a girl. After the operation, Moo and Fatty McGee became the best of friends. Fatty loved to snuggle up next to Moo on their rabbit house. I know Fatty was terribly lonely after her sister Moo was put down in April of 1999. She is very happy to have a new bunny friend, Spot, to play with.

As you can see from the picture, Fatty is a very hairy bunny. She is part Angora, and needs to be trimmed and brushed regularily. Fatty loves to be outside on the deck of our house in the summer time. We have added a verandah to the front of the house. This is where Fatty, along with Varmie and Sammy, spent most of the summer last year.

Fatty is semi-leashed trained, and likes to go out for a hop every now and then.

Here is a picture of Moo and Fatty. They loved each other so much. It was very hard on Fatty when Moo got sick.

Moo and Fatty on Easter. Fatty had only been with us a few months in this picture.
To see Fatty and Spot together, link to Spot's page!

Fatty is so excited to have won this award! I always knew she was a cutie pants, but some people have hinted that she is less than beautiful! So Fatty McGee says "I'm a sexy babe! Thanks Rupert!"

Fatty wants everyone to know she has her own email address, which she shares with Spot, in case you want to write her. She'd really like to hear about how darn sexy she is!

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