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Lisa's Amazing Bunny Photos

Fatty McGee and Spot welcome you to this page of Hagell rabbit pictures. All new pictures of our bunnies will be added here, not on Fatty and Spot's pages. Check back often for new photos!

Moo eating one of her favorite treats, slurpy.

Our baby Fatty looking her pretty self. Need I say anything more?

A picture of Fatty McGee on her birthday, Christmas eve.

Poor Moo trying to use the bathroom, but getting no privacy!

This is Fatty doing what she does best: being curious (and getting into trouble)

How we miss this girl's sweet face!

Spot in his 'spot' at our old apartment. He loved to sit on that kitchen chair for hours, mainly to take a break from Fatty!

Fatty and Spottie like to go outside on their leashes for a little hop. They even enjoy playing in the snow!

It is now a tradition for our bunnies to have their pictures taken on Easter. Here is Spot's first Easter basket picture.

Well, Spot has found a new 'spot' to hang out. He likes to sit on my Dad's woodworking bench!

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