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Brandy the Golden-Haired Boy

Brandy is our family's new Golden Retriever puppy. Brandy is a boy, even though he has a girl's name. My Dad is responsible for the name. He says he picked it because the dog will be the color of brandy. Anyway, Brandy was born October 16, 2000. My parents got him when he was 7 weeks old, and just a little pumpkin butt.

Brandy was this sweet for about 2 days! Then the craziness started. He is a very energetic boy who creates lots of havic. My parents installed baby gates in the house that kept him confined. These worked wonderful for a few months, but now he just sails right over them. Unfortunatly, Varmie and Sammy are not to fond of him, mainly because Brandy tries to play with them.

Well, the news in Brandy's life is that he just got neutered! It didn't slow him down one bit either. He came in to school with me, and one of the vets did it during our anesthesiology lab. Brandy now has a clean bill of health. He seems to be groing every day, and his coat is getting darker too.

This is a picture of me and Brandy, when he weighed about 40 pounds. He is now up to 46 lbs, at 5 months old! As Brandy grows, I will add more pictures.

Brandy, as you can see, has grown up quite a bit. That hasn't stopped him from being a 'blanket-sucker!

Brandy has turned out to be so handsome. At 16 months old, he currently weighs 75 lbs!

Brandy and Maria get along so well! Brandy just adores his older "girlfriend".

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