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A Career as an Animal Health Technologist

I am currently taking the Animal Health Technologist program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. I made the decision to back to school after Moo got sick. I wanted to be able to help animals like her.
I am currently in my first year of the 2 year course. In this first year, we have taken classes in anatomy, nursing, behavior, diseases, laboratory procedures, medical terminology, diseases, reproduction, nutrition, parasitology, and anesthesiology.

We also have the opportunity to gain a lot of practical experience. In our first semester, we go to the University of Alberta Dairy Barn to complete milking shifts. In our second semester, we are helping a local farmer with his calving.

The first year students also get to work once a week in the animal clinic on campus. We practice skills like animal restraint, physical exams, vaccinations, medicating, and other minor procedures. I will be adding pictures from our clinic classes soon.

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