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The 2006 Bowers Family Reunion - BACK TO THE BAY AREA

Hosted by Dino Bowers and Edgar Patterson was canceled

Dino Bowers Coordinator:

Dear Family Members:

Fremont, California (SanFrancisco Bay Area) was the location for the 2006 Bowers' Family Reunion. However, the reunion was canceled.

The Theme For The Reunion Was:


The dates for the reunion were as follows:
Friday thru Sunday, August 4,5 & 6, 2006.

However, The reunion was canceled due to insufficient responses from family members. Thanks to all who did respond.

Reunion Price: Due by June 1, 2006
Adults _______Ages 13 & Above _____$50.00 each
Children _____Ages 3 thru 12 ______$13.00 each

T-shirt Cost:
$ TBD_______each___(sizes)_____XXL, & XXXL
$ TBD_______each___(sizes)_____ S, M, L,XL

ReUnion Tentative Schedule

1. Friday Night _____ Family Social Night
2. Saturday Morning _______ Bus Tour of SanFrancisco

Leave 8:30 AM Return 2:00 PM* Bus Tour is an additional fee (See Below)

3. Saturday Evening _______ Banquet (Doors Open @6:00 PM for registration and Social Hour
4. Sunday Afternoon_____ Family Picnic and Social Hour at Fremont's Lake Elizabeth

Pre-Reunion Planning Requests

To help us plan, we are asking for a show of interest in the bus tour.

Please keep in mind that the price for the bus tour is additional to the reunion price.
This is going to be a great way to wake up in the morning in the SanFrancisco Bay Area, enjoy the fresh ocean air, a continental breakfast (juice, doughnuts, water, and maybe something healthy), while also seeing three (3) great SanFrancisco Tourist Sites. Enjoy the comfort of touring SanFrancisco on a luxury bus with music and videos. The kids are going to love it. Reserve your seats early, so that we can reserve the bus or buses for the scenic tour.

Saturday Bus Tour of SanFrancisco.

Tour includes: Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks, and Pier-39 at the Wharf.
Bus leaves 8:30 AM - Returns 2:00 PM.
Children _______(12 and under) ___________$10.00.
Adults ________(13 and Above) ___________$15.00

If you are interested in the SanFrancisco Bus Tour, Please let us know:

You can return this form by email to Dino: Here's How?

1. Drag your cursor over the form to highlight it.
2. Copy all of the highlighted area thru number participating.
3. Click on the mailbox below.
4. Paste the form into your email composition area.
5. Completely fill it out.
6. Click send
7. Wah la! Dino gets it.

Or Return this by US mail: Just print it out, fill it out, and return to Dino's San Jose,California Address. Don't forget to add the right amount of postage to make sure that it reaches the intended destination


Please complete and return this form to show of your interest in the Bus tour

Cut Here or Highlight and copy this section

Your Name: __________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________
City:____________________________ State:______________ZIP:_____________

I am interested in taking the San Francisco Bus Tour

___YES ___No _____ Number of Adults _____ Number of children

Cut Here or Highlight and copy the section above

Stay tuned for More Information:

Start Planning Now, Submit those Registration Papers and acknowledgement of your wanting to take the SanFrancisco bus tour and how many will go. We need to know so that we can reserve the bus or buses. We have already received some reservations so, please let us know soon before the bus gets loaded. You really don't want to miss the tour.

e. patterson - reunion_web_design
(Click On The Mailbox To Send Dino Your Form Or To Send Other E-mail Comments Or Questions

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