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The Pack of Dark Mist

As you wander past the savanna, night slowly settles over you. Slowly, but surely, a mist moves in, seemingly as dark as the night itself. Not only is this surrounding you, but it penetrates your body, filling your heart and soul. You shiver and wrap your arms around yourself, futilely attempting to keep yourself warm.
The soft sound of padded footfalls reach your ears, slowly growing louder as something approaches. You tense, the mist and darkness hiding the form of the creature from you. As it grows closer, the shine of eyes pierces the mist, looking straight at you. A melcey emerges, tall and dark, fur of the deepest ebon, with green and blue upon his back; he sinks softly to his haunches.


He watches you carefully, a small smirk coming across his maw. He rises to his paws and turns the way he came. With one last glance at you, he disappears into the mist, leaving you to wander the territory alone.

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All Melceys come from Arborwin Adoptions.
All graphics, unless otherwise stated, are copyright Fether