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Welcome! How are you? Thank you for coming into Urban's Cyber Pets! Click on the The Gardens link so you can adopt a pet today! =)

Please continue into The Gardens so you can adopt a cute free cyber pet to live on your website or message board! Just click on the below link. Take a moment to scroll down and sign my GuestBook please!

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Hello! Please tell a friend about this site so they can adopt too by clicking on the above icon. If you have any questions, please go to the Help/FAQ page, or if you have a suggestion, comment, complaint, or a compliment, please go to the Suggestions page. See all the sites in my Cyber Pet WebRing & you can join it here! Please join! Also, please don't steal my HTML! To get my permission to use some of my work, please e-mail me so I won't have to stalk you down, zap you with my pitchfork, and wave around your head French Revolution style! Thank you!


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