Hey! We are still alive and doing well, though you might not know it if you keep checking this site for updates. Brenda and I have been joined by a totally awesome dog who goes by the name of Mia, and you can find out about her by clicking on her cute li'l picture above! Of course we are still making improvements to our house in Kissimmee, and you can find more info on that by clicking the House link above. Brenda and I are really gearing up for spring though, when we will tackle our biggest landscaping task to date: complete replanting and blocking in planters in the front yard, we'll keep you posted! Yes, we are still making the most of our time away from work too, be sure to check the vacations link for our trips to New York


March 29th, 2003:

Back from Ireland! We will be fixing some pages around here and probably adding some new ones. We have lots of pictures to cram on here from our trip as well as of our puppy, Mia!

August 21, 2002:

The housewarming pictures are posted! Thank you to all who cared enough to join us, we enjoyed the chance to spend time with you.

August 2, 2002:

A date has been set for the housewarming party. Check out the housewarming page to see how many guests will be coming and what covered dishes they will be bringing!

May 24, 2002:

We are officially home owners! The closing papers were signed today and we have begun moving our things into our house. We will be taking lots of pictures, as usual, so look for them to be posted soon!!!

May 15, 2002:

New home page created and posted on-line.

May 2, 2002:

Let the packing begin! After months of searching we have finally found a house!!!! The first wave of papers were signed today and May 24, 2002 is our closing date.

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