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8th Grade SEEK: Tolerance [Smaller Problems: Suicide
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This is the conclusion of Smaller Problems. As you may have seen, smaller problems can mean big problems.
Suicide is the act of one killing themself. defines suicide as The act or an instance of intentionally killing oneself. The destruction or ruin of one's own interests: It is professional suicide to involve oneself in illegal practices. One who commits suicide.

If you are viewing Suicide last, you may notice how it relates to every other section in SMALL PROBLEMS. They are related.

Peer pressure plays a big factor in suicide.

Bullying plays a big part too.

Suicide totals are very high. (Stats coming soon).

In religious terms, suicide is a sin.

Some suicide can come with homicide. See School Shootings for more information.

Pressure can build up inside of a person. Enough to kill themselves.

Please scroll the following text to see kinds of suicide.

This site does not endorse suicide and condemns it.

More coming soon...