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8th Grade SEEK: Tolerance [Ways: Slavery]
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See also "Africian Americans" in races section and "KKK" in hate groups section.

Slavery is a big part of this nation's history.

African Americans were forced to do work for Americans.

Several presidents were slave owners.

one of the causes of the Civil War was over slavery. The north wanted slaves freed. The north won the war and slaves were freed.

When making the American Constitution, delegates argued about representation of slaves. The southern states wanted African American slaves to be counted as population. The north did not. If slaves were to be counted as part of the population, they should have to pay taxes too. The south did not like this. They settled on counting 3/4 of the slaves as the slave population. They were taxed 3/4 of a normal white man.

The following above meant that the slaves were not even counted as people.

Before and during the Civil War, slaves tried to free themselves. The Underground Railroad was established to free the slaves into the north.

Slaves would travel north. They would hide out in some homes on the way north. Harriet Tubman was a big player in the Underground Railroad. She was an African American woman who traveled north several times. She freed many African Americans. She was also a wanted woman at the time for her efforts.

Slavery ended with the Civil War in America. Slaves were forced to leave. The Union beat the Confederates. A lot of slaves were happy. Some were not because they had nowhere to go.

President Abe Lincoln played a major role in winning the Civil War. He was shot during the 1860's by a Confederate actor named John Wilkes Booth. Booth eventually met his demise.

Even though slavery ended, there were still rough times for African Americans.

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