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This Site: Against the Law

About Me

Name:Joe Benards
Age: 19
Story: Joe, a very unreflected character could not take his parent's divroce well when he was 10. He had nightmares of the same night. He thought he would go crazy until he relized he could be a force. When he was 16, he wore a black cloak around him and threatened to kill anyone in his path. He now is part of the trio.

Real Name:Steve Dwitzle
Used Name: Pier Gonzal
Age: 21
Story: Steve is the oldest of the trio. Everyone else could drive, if they didn't crash their cars. Steve did not crash and is driving still. Steve was sick with his life. He faked his own death and started going by the name Pier. Everyone thinks he is dead. He is treated like a main leader of the trio but is still bossed around.

Name:Bob Incari
Age: 20
Story: Bob is known as the leader of the group. He lives a dark life that no one knows about. When he was a Freshman in high school his parents were killed by a homicidal maniac. Bob lived to avenge their death, but after being a senior in high school he gave up. His best friend was named Draco Kentos. When Bob met the other 2 in the trio, he dumped Draco. Bob had never been liked at first, but when he joined the trio, he got up in life.

Name:Jeff Glase
Age: 19
Story: Jeff is a normal good student who goes to Sussex County Community College in New Jersey. He needs some friends. He tries to become a member of the trio but they always square him out. Jeff does not understand what their group does though. That is his weakness.