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8th Grade SEEK: Tolerance [Victims: Homosexuals]
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Homosexuals defines a homosexual as "Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex."
Intolerance against homosexuals is still around in strong force in the present.

Many people are against the belief of homosexuality. Some hetersexuals intolerantly use words like quere, faggit, and other discriminating words.

A homosexual is a gay man or a lesbian. A lesbian being a gay female.

Encyclopedia.comsays that homosexuality is a term created by 19th cent. theorists to describe a sexual and emotional interest in members of one's own sex.

Bisexuals are people who have interest in both male and female sexes. They too are discriminated.

Transsexuals are looked at differently from homosexuals and bisexuals. Transsexuals like to get the feeling of the opposite sex.

There are gay pride parades to celebrate "gay pride."

One out of ten people in the world is either a gay or lesbian.

Gay people blend in with heterosexuals, people who have interest in the opposite sex.

Some people take time to discover that they are gay. However, they are born with the basic instinct to love their sex. That is not one hundred percent accurate as we do not totally know. Homosexuality can develop over time in a person.

Many heterosexuals are against homosexuality. Many can respect them for their choice in life. Discrimination can drive a person into total homosexuality. That too, is not true.

Every heterosexual is okay with homosexuality.FALSE. Many are not, as stated above.

Ever homosexual is okay with heterosexuals.FALSE. Some homosexuals discriminate heterosexuals.

Anyone can be a homosexual.

Anyone can be a heterosexual.

Transsexuals might or might not be noticeable.

Discrimination against homosexuals is probably the most popular form of intolerance of the present.
Homophobia is a fear or hatred towards homosexuals.

More coming soon...