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8th Grade SEEK: Tolerance [Intolerant Leaders: Adolf Hitler
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Adolf Hitler

Adolf was the son of Aolis Hitler. Aolis Hitler was born in 1807 and died in 1903.

Adolf Hitler was a high school drop out.

His mother died in 1907. After that, he moved to Vienna.

In 1913, he settled in Munich. When World War I started, he joined the Bavarian army.

Hitler fought in the war. He was gassed and wounded. He received the Iron Cross for bravery

Hitler was high on nationalism. Loss of the war caused him to find the ultimate scapegoats: Jews.

Jews were not the only target on his list. Homosexuals, gypsies, and other religions, races, and ways were targeted.

After the war, he joined the German Workers' Party with other nationalistic veterans from WWI.

The Party was reorginized with Hitler as chairman.

The German Workers' Party, or Nazi Party, was gaining a lot more people. It got a lot of support by 1929 during the Great Depression.
Hitler took power on Jan. 30, 1933.

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